2012 Archive

2012 Archive


The Milky Way Above Kista Science Tower[a]
The Milky Way, seen above Kista Science Tower.

Akalla Torg by Night[b]
I lost track of time photographing the little jogging track. Or lost track of the last subway train back home, at least. Waiting for the bus in Akalla, I shot this panorama.

Heavy Snow Cover[c]
The initial snowfall in the last days of November had almost disappeared when the next load arrived, and there was lots of it in the second shipment.

Ode to a View[d]
The view at the little jogging track is no more.

The Esbo Tunnel[e]
A (sort of) new tunnel in Kista, near the Little Jogging Track.

Merry Christmas 2012![f]
A merry christmas to you all! May the last few days of this year be filled with the Christmas spirit and may 2013 be the best year yet!

Google Maps and Google Earth Image Overlay[g]
How to compute the transformation for an image overlay on Google Maps or Google Earth given a pair of reference points.

Starry Sky Above Akalla, Husby and Kista[h]
A starry sky above the three suburbs of northern Järva.

Christmas Decorations at Husby Gård[i]
Husby gård, covered in snow and with a lit christmas tree.

Winter at the Little Jogging Track[j]
I didn't think it would still be around by now, but the little jogging track was still there as this year's snow came.

Husby Christmas Decorations[k]
Some christmas decorations seen in Husby.

Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Autumn 2012[l]
Layali Oriental Dance Academy fires off their end of semester show for autumn 2012.

Husby Tingsstenar[m]
These are the Assembly ("Parliament") Stones in Husby.

The highest natural point in Stockholm, 77.24 meters above sea level.

View of Vårby Gård from Vårbergstoppen, an artificial hill nearby.


Right next to Björkhagen.

Nacka Nature by Night[q]
A nighttime walk through the Nacka nature preserve on an almost clear night.

A suburb right next to Nacka nature reserve.

An art exhibition hall out in the archipelago.

Kymlingelänken - E18[t]
The new intersection of Kymlingelänken and E18 near Rinkeby.

Hafla Layali, November 2012[u]
A dance show at Layali Oriental Dance Academy.

One of the newer suburbs in north-western Stockholm.

Monsieur Clemboule[w]
Monsieur Clemboule is curious.

Little Jogging Track Leaf[x]
A leaf found in the morning hours at the little jogging track.

Filling in the Blanks[y]
Filling in missing image data around zenith and nadir for VR panoramas.

A Foggy Day in Lainzer Tiergarten[z]
The weather in Vienna was overcast, overcast and then some more overcast. With low clouds, so you really felt like someone had slapped gray lid over the city and surroundings. The promise of the clouds clearing up in the afternoon made me go for a full day in Lainzer Tiergarten.

Hubertuswarte 450[aa]
An autumn follow-up to "Hubertuswarte 360", the 450 stands for the 450 megapixel image map used to create this panorama.


Equirectangular Efficiency[ab]
Figuring out the amount of wasted pixels when storing a VR panorama as an equirectangular map.

API Lockdown[ac]
Libraries that are "all API" must be much more flexible than other libraries. But there are a number of ways to keep that from happening.

Allah, Liberty and Love by Irshad Manji[ad]
Irshad Manji's "The Trouble With Islam" was a wake-up call to the Muslim world, calling for a reform away from religious oppression and toward greater personal freedom. In this follow-up, she moves on to the solution by explaining how she has fused Islam with liberty and love in her own life. A great book that contained an unexpectedly revealing question.

The Trouble with Islam by Irshad Manji[ae]
A tour de force of contemporary Islam - what is wrong with it, why it ended up that way, and most important: what can be done about it.

Nikon D3200 Sharpness[af]
Given that the Nikon D3200 has a 24.1 megapixel sensor, how do I get the most out of those pixels? In particular, what is the sharpest aperture for the Sigma 10-20mm?


ActionScript3 Number Buffers[ag]
A faster implementation of Vector.<Number>.

Bigshot JavaScript Performance Lessons[ah]
Some lessons learned when optimizing Bigshot for speed

Sigma 10-20mm / 4-5.6 Zoom Grip Rubber Ring Replacement[ai]
A new zoom grip ring for my workhorse lens, the Sigma 10-20mm.

A hill with some residential buildings and one of three funiculars in Stockholm.

A small park in Copenhagen.

Nørreport Metro[al]
A smoky subway stop in Copenhagen.

Hornsleth Bar[am]
The bad boy bar.

Chalk Drawings at Dalhagsskolan[an]
Chalk drawings in the schoolyard.

Little Jogging Track at Night[ao]
A twelve-minute panorama exposure.

Kymlinge Deer[ap]
A trio of deer in Kymlinge.

Sunset in Northern Järvafältet[aq]
Sunset in the northern part of Järvafältet, by Säbysjön and Översjon.

Hansta Nature Reserve[ar]
A nature reserve near Akalla and Barkaby.

Muaré by Voala Project[as]
A high-altitude music show, mixed with acrobatics.

The "Eagle's Nest" of Stockholm's suburbs.

RAÄ Spånga 215:1, Cairn[au]
A cairn at the top of Kistahöjden.

Worker and Consumers Design Pattern[av]
A design pattern useful for resource loading in AS3 and other scenarios where memoization is used together with continuation-passing.


Neil Armstrong [aw]
The moon landings were the work of many, but you were one of the few on the sharp end.

Heather and Berries[ax]
Heather and berries at the little jogging track.

Amazon Kindle[ay]
Amazon, being dependent on their Kindle users getting hooked on reading and buying more books in the Kindle Store, have of course honed the mechanism they use to deliver their drug to perfection. The Kindle is light, comfortable, functional and totally awesome. It is an e-reader that feels like a book, but better.

Java Generics and API Extensions[az]
Java's generics, combined with covariant return types, gives us a clean way to manage API extensions.

Harassment at DEFCON[ba]
There is irony in the fact that a conference for security professionals can't guarantee the security of the people there.

Mars Pathfinder Presidential Panorama[bb]
A panorama taken from the 1997 Mars Pathfinder mission.

Sliema Sunset[bc]
Sunset over Sliema, seen from The Palace hotel.

Streets of Valletta[bd]
Valletta's streets drop off sharply toward the sea.

Lascaris War Rooms[be]
The "War Rooms" is where the allied invasion of Sicily was masterminded. Blasted into the rock 150 feet beneath the surface, this was the first subterranean command post the British had ever built.

St John's Co-Cathedral[bf]
St John's Co-Cathedral is the big church in Valletta.

Sunday Night Fireworks[bg]
Fireworks photographed from the hotel balcony.

Maltese Prow[bh]
A colorful prow beloning to a Maltese fishing boat.

Santa Maria Caves[bi]
The Santa Maria caves on the north-east coast of Comino.

Comino is a small island in the middle of the channel between Malta and Gozo.

Saturday Night Fireworks[bk]
An impressive fireworks display.

Glass and Candle[bl]
A drinking glass seen in The Exiles bar.

The old capital of Malta.

Just or not, the desserts at this restaurant are great.

St Paul's Bay[bo]
Saint Paul's bay is on the north coast of Malta.

Gozo Channel Crossing[bp]
Crossing the channel between Gozo and Malta.

The Azure Window[bq]
A natural arch on the west coast of Gozo.

St George's Basilica[br]
St George's Basilica is the parish church of St George's parish, in Victoria.

The Citadella is where the population of Victoria sought shelter during pirate raids or other bad times.

Streets of Victoria, Gozo[bt]
Victora lies right smack in the center of Gozo.

St Julian's City, Malta[bu]
Saint Julian's City is part of the conurbation surrounding Malta's capital, Valletta. It is adjacent to the most populous area - Sliema - and contains Paceville, the night life center of the island.


Peter Sunde: The Smartest Motherfucker on the Planet[bv]
Since he won't shut up, neither will I.

Kulsta and Klinta[bw]
The two unknown parallell-universe subsurbs in Kista.

Remains of an old farm.

Home of Ebba Grön.

Highway by Still Heavens Only Force[bz]
A 23-year-old graffiti piece, one of the world's oldest still existing, surrounding the entrance to Rågsved's youth club.

Mars "Greeley" VR Panorama[ca]
NASA's "Greeley" panorama taken from the Opportunity rover, made into a VR panorama.

Husby 2[cb]
Various photos from Husby, taken while working on the Little Jogging Track documentation project.

Sunset in Husby[cc]
View of the sunset north-west along Norgegatan toward Akalla.

Little Jogging Track (Lilla Slingan)[cd]
In the about page I clearly state that this blog isn't written for you, dear reader - it's written for me. Think of it as a seven-year therapy session that just ain't going anywhere but happens to produce the odd nice photo every now and then. Now I'll dive into a topic that I can't imagine anyone else will have the slightest interest in: An abandoned jogging track.


Sony DSC-U30[ce]
This was my first camera, and the one that got me started in photography.

Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Spring 2012[cf]
Spring 2012 student show.


Nedslag i Kistas Historia by Patrick Lönnberg[cg]
If you can read Swedish, and if you think Norra Järva is it - just grab the book from the author's home page and read it. I do, and I did.

Hemliga Trädgården[ch]
The "Secret Garden" in Midsommarkransen.

The old Ericsson-town.

LM Ericsson-byggnaden, Södertäljevägen[cj]
A huge red brick office complex.

Plush Gray Rabbit (Gosedjur / Kramdjur Grå Kanin Upphittad)[ck]
A plush rabbit found enjoying the evening sun near Brännkyrka High School.

A walk in the archipelago.

Half Way Home by Hugh Howey[cm]
Lord of the Flies, in space. The story has a fascinating introduction, but the strength of it is wasted on a story that doesn't live up to the promises made at the beginning.

First Shift - Legacy by Hugh Howey[cn]
A follow-up to Wool Omnibus. Like Wool, when you've cut away the junk, what remains is good. But you'll be cutting a lot.

Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey[co]
A story about survivors of a global catastrophe living in an underground silo. Poisonous air above, cold rock below, and an oppressive fascist system within. A story where every part is meticulously crafted, but the whole ends up being less than the sum of its parts.

Judarskogens naturreservat[cp]
The next stop of my random subway station walk around Stockholm, the first nature reserve in Stockholm.

Skärholmen Centrum[cq]
When I came down from the water tower in Sätra, I figured I might as well do a two-for-one and walk to the next subway stop, Skärholmen.

Sätra Water Tower[cr]
The first random walk stop was Sätra, in the south-west of Stockholm.

Random Walk[cs]
A script that will send you to a random subway station in Stockholm.

Fittja in Concrete[ct]
Fittja is one of the suburbs of Stockholm known as "concrete suburbs" ("betongförorter") - so let's have a look at all this concrete. I find it quite beautiful in its own way.

Super Moon Over Tensta[cu]
The "super moon" over Tensta, seen from Granholmstoppen. Photographing it turned out to be harder than expected, since the moon is a very bright object.

Ruins of the Whitehouse[cv]
The burnt ruins of the Whitehouse Restaurant at the foot of Granholmstoppen. This used to be a restaurant for the disc golf players coming to play here.

Järvafältet After Sunset[cw]
A 360-degree VR panorama of Järvafältet, as seen from Granholmstoppen after sunset.

Beehives at Hästa Gård[cx]
A set of yellow beehives at Hästa Gård, the last farm in Stockholm, situated between Akalla and Hjulsta.

A bridge over Igelbäcken after sunset.

An Evening in Akalla[cz]
Walking through Akalla one evening, when the red buildings light up.

Akalla in Bloom[da]
Cherry blossoms and blooming buds near Akalla subway station. I was surprised to see the cherry blossoms here - I don't remember them, and I though that they'd all finished blossoming.

On Brogrammers and Women[db]
There is nothing exceptional about women and having them involved will not make any difference in itself. Having a company culture that is capable of welcoming and involving different genders, races, ages, and so on, however, will.

Bigshot SimpleImage[dc]
A simpler way to make zoomable images.

Husby Gård at Dusk[dd]
View of the fields near Husby Gård at dusk.

Hästa Gård at Dusk[de]
View of Hästa Gård and Hästa pond.

Petasites Hybridus[df]
A macro shot of this beautiful flower.

Koh Phangan Uppsala[dg]
A nice Thai restaurant.

Uppsala Cathedral[dh]
Inside of Uppsala Domkyrka.

Hike to Årsjötjärnen[di]
A hike through Tyresta to the Lake År Tarns.

Purple Easter Doll[dj]
A purple Easter doll.

Råådalen at Dusk[dk]
A walk along Råådalen at dusk.

A bit of green next to Sundspärlan.

An amusement park in Helsingborg.


Hubertuswarte Re-Fused[dn]
A new panorama made from photos shot in 2007.

HDR Workflow[do]
Sometimes the camera just won't fit the whole scene into the sensor's dynamic range. This is what I do then.

Photo Post Processing and Editing[dp]
The purpose of post-processing is to realize the artistic vision using the raw photographic data. This is what I usually do.

Photo Capture[dq]
The actual work. Getting out there, aiming the camera and pushing the shuter button. In the trenches, yo.

Photo Planning[dr]
Prior planning and preparation prevents piss-poor performance.

Jack Tramiel[ds]
64k is enough for anyone.

Javascript Futures[dt]
A useful abstraction for asynchronous programming.


Ernst Arnold Park[du]
The Ernst Arnold park lies along the south side of the Wienfluss.

Falcostiege in Spring[dv]
Since the Falcostiege isn't getting any bigger, I just have to write more about it!

Phantasy Schmuckgalerie[dw]
Jewelry showcase in the subway.

Rechte Wienzeile Street Art[dx]
Street art along the Rechte Wienzeile.

Hubertuswarte 360[dy]
A 360 VR view from the top of the tower.

Springtime in Lainzer Tiergarten[dz]
Spring is coming, and flowers are starting to shoot up all over Lainzer Tiergarten.

House art above, street art below the bridge.

Leopold Museum Light Show[eb]
These vertical strips around the Leopold Museum by Waltraut Cooper were installed for the Long Night of Museums.

Robot With Child[ec]
This robot stands just outside the entrance to the U2 subway station Museumsquartier.

Afternoon in MQ[ed]
The MQ during the golden hour.

Flohmarkt St. Othmar[ee]
Saint Othmar's flea market.

Pfarrkirche St. Othmar[ef]
Saint Othmar's Church in the third district of Vienna.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Ice Cream[eg]
A fantastic place to get something to sink your sweet tooth into. While there are many ice cream restaurants on the Schwedenplatz, Zanoni & Zanoni is the one I keep coming back to.

Sapa - Bigger and Better[eh]
A good restaurant gets what it deserves - Sapa has become bigger and better. The same great food and service, the same relaxing, laid-back atmosphere, but in an updated package.

The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee[ei]
An incredible "biography" of this most deadly disease. The strength of the book comes in its raw realism - in the avoidance of ungrounded feel-good optimism, but also in the avoidance of a depressing dystopia.

Södermalmstorg by Night[ej]
View of Södermalmstorg from a bit above.

Zelda 2: Kampen Fortsätter by Lina Neidestam[ek]
Zelda proved that a raging, alcoholic, self-destructive, self-hating, self-absorbed, irresponsible, manipulative, fat, hairy feminist could be an engaging and sympathetic character, and that a comic about such a character could be a lot of fun to read. With this book, Lina Neidestam proves that a sequel can be made, and be even better.

Zelda by Lina Neidestam[el]
Ingesting the book might lead to high blood levels of cynisism, but trust me, it'll do you good. For all her flaws, it is difficult not to root for Zelda.

The Problem With java.util.concurrent[em]
A critique of this part of the Java API.


Parallel For and ForEach[en]
A useful construct for parallel programming.

Work Sets[eo]
A very useful concept in multi-core programming.

Tyresta Snowmelt[ep]
I thought I'd make it to Tyresta before all snow was gone. I did, but thanks to a number of thaw-freeze cycles the remaining snow was accompanied by a lot of ice

Javascript In Anger[eq]
This article is intended as a "best practices"-document. As far as I can tell, what is written here is the way to do large-scale Javascript development.

Gröna Lund[er]
View of the Gröna Lund amusement park from Kastellholmen.

Titania's Garden[es]
Happy Valentine's Day, all!

Winter Comes to Humlegården[et]
Finally winter is here and we're getting some snow! This is Humlegården, a park in the posh Östermalm district of Stockholm, during the blue hour.


Post-Jungle Laundry[eu]
The trip to the Amazon was something I'll never forget; and neither will one poor washing machine. This is what I suspect it was like.

Looking south over Essingeleden from Fredhäll, just where the tunnel ends and the bridge begins.

One Winter's Night at Kungsholms Strand[ew]
Panoramic view of Karlbergssjön, taken during a nighttime walk.

Ace of Diamonds[ex]
A playing card I found in the Peruvian mountains.

Happy Surveillance Camera[ey]
A happy surveillance camera, looking out over Sergel's Square.

Fotoshop by Adobé[ez]
This is a cute video, but I think it misses the point. As long as "being beautiful" is a major opportunity for success for women, beauty ideals will matter, and the method of communicating them will not.

Los Perros[fa]
An Australian couch bar.

Batman, Patron Saint of Taxis[fb]
You can get the regular taxi, or you can get the Batman taxi.

Above Urubamba[fc]
View of the mountains and red soil on the way to Urubamba.

Chicha por Gastón Acurio[fd]
A restaurant by the person who ignited the Peruvian food revolution.

A fantastic Italian restaurant with great food and wonderful atmosphere.

A Hill With a Cross[ff]
A cross carved into a hillside.

Pampa de Arrieros[fg]
View of the smooth hills from Highway 34A.

A view of the cement plant.

Madrigal Terraces[fi]
A view of the terraces.

Mirador Cruz del Condor[fj]
A view of condors.

Have Baby Alpaca, Will Kick Ass[fk]
A girl and her alpaca.

Stacked rocks at 4800 meters above sea level.

Casa de Avila[fm]
A nice flashpacker hotel.

Mirador de Yanahuara[fn]
A view over Arequipa.

Arequipa Cathedral[fo]
A visit to the cathedral.

Complejo San Francisco[fp]
A visit to the monastery.

Arequipa Pasa[fq]
Arequipans passing by.

The White City[fr]
The "White City" of Peru.

The Road to Arequipa[fs]
Views from the bus going between Puno and Arequipa.

A visit to the very much non-floating island Taquile in Lake Titicaca.

A visit to the floating islands of the Uros.

Kusillo's Posada[fv]
View from this posada.

Arriving in Puno[fw]
Arriving in Puno by train.

Third Hike[fx]
The third and final hike.

Second Hike[fy]
The second hike.

First Hike[fz]
Ant skyscrapers and monkeys.

Stairway to Felipe's Lodge[ga]
The stairs leading to Felipe's lodge.

Ant Crossing[gb]
An ant superhighway.

The River[gc]
Setting sail. A bit, at least.

The Road to the River[gd]
A warm-up walk on the road to the river.

Manu National Park[ge]
Park entrance.

Coca Leaves and Tea[gf]
Leaves and tea bags.

Moray Agricultural Terraces[gg]
Possibly an Incan agricultural experiment station.

Maras Salt Ponds[gh]
The salt ponds near Maras.

Weaving Demonstration[gi]
A demonstration of how alpaca wool is turned into blankets.

Carvings in the stones near the town church.

The Ollantaytambo ruins.

We ♥ School 721[gl]
Students from school 721 has carved in a loving message to their school on the hillside.

Pisac Garden[gm]
A view into a beautiful garden.

Inca Market near Yuncaypata[gn]
Weaving demonstrated at the Yuncaypata market.

Aguas Calientes[go]
Some shots from the town in the valley below Machu Picchu.

Pisac Ruins[gp]
The ruins at Pisac.

Machu Picchu[gq]
The most famed Inca ruins.

A fortress overlooking Cusco.

The labyrinth, a place where sacrifices took place.

Puca Pucara[gt]
The "Red Fort", across the road from Tambomachay.

The "Bath of the Inca", an archaeological site just north of Cusco.

El Mirador de Santa Ana[gv]
View from the hotel with a view - El Mirador de Santa Ana, a wonderful place to stay in Cusco.

Cappuccino Café[gw]
A nice cafe with a huge variety of coffee drinks.

Plaza de Armas, Cusco[gx]
Evening view of the Plaza de Armas, Cusco.

Facade of Church of La Compañía[gy]
The facade of the Church of La Compañía.

La Merced[gz]
A church in Cusco.

Cuesta de Santa Ana[ha]
A convenient way to test your susceptibility for altitude sickness.

The new beachfront shopping mall in Miraflores.

Barranco Flowers[hc]
Some flowers found near the Bridge of Sighs in Barranco.

Yellow Balloons[hd]
A mass release of yellow balloons.

Miraflores Inca Market[he]
The local crafts market of Miraflores.

Iglesia de San Francisco[hf]
The church of St. Francis.

Museo de la Nación[hg]
The national museum, featuring a special exhibition about the Internal Conflict in Peru.

Lima Street Art[hh]
Street art and other wall art seen in Lima.

Hospedaje San Antonio[hi]
Some views from this wonderful little hotel.