Sunset in Northern Järvafältet

Sunset in Northern Järvafältet

Having gotten the hang of biking to Kista, I wanted to try my bike-optimized photo gear on a longer excursion. Just past Akalla is Järvafältet Nature Reserve, and for someone who likes Tyresta, this seemed like the ideal spot.


The first part of the excursion was the trip from home to the little jogging track. Then followed a pause while waiting in a bus shelter for the rain to pass, and about an hour of late afternoon photography at the jogging track. Then I set out to do a tour of Järvafältet.

The goal was Översjön, or, if I had to turn back before that, Säbysjön. While biking north along the east edge of Säbysjön I made an attempt at getting to the water. In short - it failed. A barrier of reeds kept me away. The lake is home to some rare birds and is a popular spot for bird watching and there is used to be a bird-watching tower at the south end[1] of the lake. Unfortunately it was burnt to the ground[a] July 27-28, 2012 by someone unknown.

Immediately to the north of Säbysjön are open fields with cows.

Lots of cows. And roads. With cows on them. I got my photos and quickly pedaled past; while cows may be very tranquil beings, they are also a couple hundred kilos - and when they get going, they sure get going.

At Översjön I had to follow the water's edge north a little bit before I found a good spot. I remembered a jetty somewhere around here, and it turned out that the memory of the jetty was all that remained. The photo had to be taken from land.

After this the sun set and there was time to get back home. I wouldn't get back home in quite some time, though, as I stopped to shoot Little Jogging Track at Night.



Lat: N59.426433, Lon: E17.870737