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Night Cycle Ride Around Södermalm

I host a Meetup group for people who like to take bike rides at night in Stockholm. Last Friday we went for the first ride this year, first around Kvarnholmen, and then around Södermalm. There was a short but intense rainshower as we reached Södermalm, and it left a very special atmosphere.


Crispy Waffles

An easy recipe for waffles.


USS Kearsarge (LHD-3)

USS Kearsarge is an amphibious assault ship visiting Stockholm as part of BaltOps22.


EMoR: Explained for MoRons

A simple explainer of the EMoR model and its use in image processing.


The PHP Fractal

The 90's: High school, Nirvana, Windows 95, and this thing called the Internet. Right in the middle of all that 26-year-old Rasmus Lerdorf released his Personal Home Page Tools, which would later be named after its initials: "PHP".


Birds and Blossoms

Playing around with the Bigma. I went for a bike ride but couldn't go very far from home - so I figured I'd bring the lens, just sit down somewhere, and wait for something to show up. Something did.


Place of Free Ukraine

Right next to the Russian embassy is "Fria Ukrainas Plats", or "Place of Free Ukraine". A part of the Marieberg Park was renamed "in solidarity with Ukraine, and to show our disgust with the Russian regime".


Red Geometry

Detail from the skywalk between Kulturhuset and Stockholms Stadsteater.


Stockholm Lighthouse

A set of residential buildings on the site of the old "Qvarnen Tre Kronor" mill and grain silo that stood there from 1897 to 2016. The mill was at the center of Sweden's baking industry with the Kvarnholm Bakery next door, but by the 80s it was no longer profitable and by the time it was demolished it had not been in use since 1992. It is owned by BRF Panorama and you can read more about the architecture and history in Sweco's description of the building. Since this is a relatively new building, being built in the year 9 AGSV (After Google Street View), you can take a stroll through the old industrial zone by selecting historical imagery.



It's easter!


Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary

What do you do when your 70-200 and your 70-300mm lenses don't give you enough zoom? Why, you get an even bigger lens! One like the go-big-or-go-home Sigma 150-600mm.


The Birds of Råstasjön

Going birding.


Hafla Layali, March 2022

After two years of pandemic, it's back!


Flowers and Martenitsa

Spring was early this year.


USS Forrest Sherman (DDG-98)

The USS Forrest Sherman, an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer is on a visit to Stockholm.


Springtime Ice

The ice is melting.