Surrounded by Idiots

A friend asked me if I could help out with some product photos. It was Thomas Erikson, author of the popular book Surrounded by Idiots who needed some photos for his website.


Sunset Over Šibenik

Watching the sunset with Fort St Michael in the foreground.


Plovdiv Sunset

Watching the sun set from one of the hills of Plovdiv.


Panorama Equivalence

When using a narrower-angle lens and panoramic stitching to get a higher-resolution photo with the field of view of a wider-angle lens, there are some things that change in the resulting photo.


Pano Aim

Super resolution doesn't work, but panorama stitching does. In order to help me aim the camera and get the most pixels out of the resulting component photos, I created an app that uses the orientation sensor in my phone to assist me.


Paint it Whiter

I finally completed the paint job I started in 2010. Back then, I skipped repainting the bedroom, rationalizing the decision as (a) too much work to disassemble the wardrobe and (b) I was going to be unconscious in the bedroom anyway so who cares what it looks like?

But just like other multi-year-long projects, suddenly they end up completed.

To my great surprise.

To really "close the circle", I used the same paint roller as back in 2010, one of the brushes, tape, floor cover and furniture cover from back then as well. I guess it paid off to have them in a corner of my basement storage, thinking "well you never know, they might be useful some day" whenever I saw them.


Årsta Bridges at Sunset

The Årsta bridges with a sunset in the background.


End of the Highway

Due to a mistake, part of the graffiti piece Highway by Still Heavens Only Force was partially painted over on August 13, 2019. I noticed that I had a one-day spike of search hits on the Google search console, and when I saw that it was for the search "still heavens only force", I first thought that someone had linked the article from somewhere else, or something.

The truth, as we know, was something quite different.


The Immoral Majority by Ben Howe

The Immoral Majority is part history of the transformation of the evangelical movement in the United States to a position supportive of Trump, part a condemnation of said realignment, and part a plea and exhortation to return to the movement's roots. What makes the book unusual for me is that it approaches the question from a Christian perspective and argues from a Biblical standpoint - in particular, it argues from a pre-Trump evangelical standpoint.


Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson is an author with a message, and after reading this book you will understand why terraforming is impossible and why humanity will never succeed with interstellar colonization. Aurora is the counterargument to his earlier Mars trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars), which, if you were to read them, would make you understand why terraforming is a practical method for taking humanity to the stars.


Full Frame Weight

Full-frame (35mm) cameras are heavier than their crop-sensor siblings. Their lenses are heavier too. But how much heavier? After hauling my Nikon D3200 (DX 1.5x crop sensor) as well as my Nikon D600 (FX full-frame sensor) up and down and around, I thought I'd just run the numbers and see if the FX system was as much heavier as it felt.


Bigsh0t Optimized and Stabilized

I had my GhettoPro 360, but the footage that came out of it when I was biking was, simply put, unusable. It was simply too unsteady. I suppose it's because the lenses on the Theta SC sits on the end of a cantilevered arm, so any vibration of the helmet causes the camera to swing wildly.


Caucasian Stonecrop

A little forest of stonecrop by the water. The shots taken with the Raynox DCR-250 were done with a Nikon D3200 and a Nikon 70-300mm/4.5-5.6 lens. The Raynox just about fits on it.


USS Mount Whitney Visiting

People expecting a cruise ferry to Finland who get on the wrong boat will be surprised by the lack of tango and pickled herring buffet.


Liebe Verfliegt Nicht by Tanja Brandt

Or, further adventures of Ingo the dog, Poldi the owl, and their friends. This is a sequel of sorts to Wo die Liebe hinfliegt.


Wo die Liebe Hinfliegt by Tanja Brandt

I rarely - make that practically never - buy photo books. Sure, they have some nice pictures in them - but nice pictures are a dime a dozen and the material quite simply lacks staying power.

When I saw Tanja Brandt's photos on Facebook, though, I placed an order for two of her books. The photos of the friendship between a little owl and a dog were just magic.