The First Rainy Days of Spring in Hansta

It's been a wet few days, but the little flowers seem to enjoy it.


Bigsh0t Zenith

Bigsh0t 2.4 contains a Zenith Correction filter that can parse zenith correction data for Ricoh Theta SC and SC2. It also contains faster image processing code, reducing the bilinear interpolation time by 60% on SSE-supporting CPUs (which is all 64 bit processors) and by 34% on other CPUs; as well as reducing the 360 transformation time by 48%.

Download Bigsh0t 2.4 for Windows

Note: There was never a 2.3 release. It was first intended as a very small update, only adding a single flag to Stabilize360 to skip a final transform when analyzing.


Dusty Hazy Spring

A walk around Djurgårdsbrunnsviken.


Ricoh Theta SC2

The Theta SC2 is the follow up to the entry-level Theta SC and brings mainly much improved video, but also some very useful ergonomic features to the stills.



Part of the very popular triangle route Kungsholmstorg - Söder Mälarstrand - Klara Mälarstrand.


First Ladybug

The first ladybug of the year! Maybe just waking up after last year's massive party.


A Springtime Gathering

Someone set up a bird feeder, and it turned out to be quite popular with the intended guests and others.


Martenitsa Kamila

The martenitsa (Bulgarian: мартеница) is an adornment made of red and white yarn. It is worn, celebrating the return of spring, from March 1 until the wearer sees a stork (in which case the martenitsa is removed and put under a rock) or a blossoming tree (in which case the martenitsa is hung on the tree).


Ricoh Theta Video Metadata

The Ricoh Theta SC and Ricoh Theta SC2 stores orientation information in the video files they produce. Extracting this information is helpful when editing, since it lets you do a first-pass zenith correction and get the footage somewhat stable.


Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse

Swim due west and you'll end up in Charleston, Georgia.


Love Locks on Riksbron

Love locks under snow on Riksbron.


Winter Storm

A windy evening on Granholmstoppen.


Valley of the Nuns

A valley in central Madeira with a small village surrounded by near-vertical cliffs.


Levada do Moinho and Levada Nova

A walk with a spectacular waterfall on the way back.


Storm Filomena

This storm passed by the Canary Islands and Madeira on its way to Europe. It's been raining almost continuously since New Year's.


Pico do Arieiro

Hiking from Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo and back. 300 meters down, 300 meters up, and worth every millimeter.