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A Small Ice Cave

Spring is almost here, and with that, some freeze-thaw cycles that result in nice but small ice formations.


Giant Paper Flowers

Paper flowers made for the NK department store by Danish artist Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen.


Mushroom and Sundried Tomato Pasta

A quick, easy to make, and tasty sauce.



A lot of snow in not a lot of time.



Wisdome Stockholm is a fantastic immersive experience. It was with curiosity mixed with skepticism that I bought a ticket to Vast 3D, expecting the cross-eye inducing 3D I experienced of a decade ago. Was I wrong? Absolutely. The 3D worked. The immersive 360 worked.


The Small Internet

Techies are just as prone to nostalgia as anyone else. In particular, they tend to be nostalgic for the time when the Internet was the domain of techies, when it was our little bubble.


Husby Centrum Christmas Decorations

A pair of christmas trees on the little square near the library.


Christmas Tree Flight 2023

The yearly Christmas Tree-flight by the Swedish Air Force passing over the royal palace. A yearly tradition, but this is the last time they'll use the SK60 (Saab 105) trainer, as that aircraft model is being phased out and replaced with the SK40 (GROB G120TP).


Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Autumn 2023

A great Christmas tradition where the soloists stood out.


David Drake

I wouldn't be where or who I am without David Drake. I think he's the single author that has had an actual measurable impact on the trajectory of my life and the person I eventually turned into.


Snow, Snow, Snow

Winter's here, all at once.


AI Photography

Generative AI in art is a firehose of clichés. But I have been positively surprised by its use in photography post-processing.


Uppsala Ljusfestival 2023

A festival with light-themed artworks in central Uppsala.


Yummy Lion

Someone has put a tongue on the stone lion outside of Dirty Coco - I think their food is too sweet, but maybe stone lions like to eat sweets when they're not about to be eaten by poets.


Different, But Same

...and now for something different, but kinda the same?

Lately I've been binging Berm Peak, previously known as Seth's Bike Hacks, and just like Educational Youtube it's one of those gems you find on YouTube. It has certainly inspired me, and although Seth is more gear-focused than I am with my now 19 year old bike, he keeps the joy of biking in the center.


Day of the Cinnamon Bun

"So you survived the day of the cinnamon bun?"

"Yes, we sold about a thousand of them."

"And now, you're happy to not see any of them until next year?"

"Oh no, I'm mad about cinnamon buns!"

My new favorite café.