Carl Schmeiss Postitar 44mm f/32

The Carl Schmeiss Postitar 44/32 is a premium quality pinhole lens, hand-made from the best Post-It notes, a pencil and a Kenko extension tube. With excellent 3d-pop (the optics pop right out if you press with your thumb) and micro-contrast (the contrast is micro, not the micro stuff having contrast), and wonderful creamy bokeh along with a warm color cast reminding you of a summer day, it is a lens for pro photographers who want to take their art to the next level.

Lennart Hellsing's Grave

Just outside the main entrance of St Clara Church is a small wooden cross without a name, surrounded by a small ring of stones and flowers. It's the grave of Lennart Hellsing, a writer and translator who is perhaps most known for his children's books.

Blurred, Low-Resolution Previews

Maybe you have a blazing fast Internet connection and have set the CSS transition delay to zero in a user stylesheet - but I've added a very, very low-resolution preview to all image tiles on these pages.

Sunset, Granholmstoppen

Before making Moonrise, Granholmstoppen II, I went to Granholmstoppen to get a sunset panorama. Then, it just sat there on my hard drive until today. The reason was simple: these panoramas are about half a gigapixel, and the 16GB RAM I had made editing them in Photoshop something like Photoshop-by-mail - you'd set off a process, wait five to ten minutes, and then come back to do the next step.

Moonrise, Granholmstoppen II

A while back I made an attempt at re-shooting an old, old photo from 2006. That attempt was a second try at a failed attempt the previous year - and didn't quite turn out as I expected. I concluded the entry with next attempt will be on June 12, 2011[*], but that attempt in turn also failed to bring me the result I wanted. However, then I was simply fed up with it all and decided to declare victory and move on.

But now it's 2018 - seven years later - and it's time for me to give in to my obsessions again.

Virtual Granholmstoppen

With a Ricoh Theta SC and a GPS logger, I thought I'd try to create a virtual tour. After a little experimenting I figured out how to attach a tripod to my backpack in such a way as to raise the Theta high enough that my head wouldn't obscure the view forward. Then it was time to set the Theta to interval shooting, and start walking!

Little Jogging Track (Lilla Slingan)

In the about page I clearly state that this blog isn't written for you, dear reader - it's written for me. Think of it as a seven-year therapy session that just ain't going anywhere but happens to produce the odd nice photo every now and then. Now I'll dive into a topic that I can't imagine anyone else will have the slightest interest in: An abandoned jogging track.