Homey Bee

The bee-hotel Homey Bee - with living spaces, flowers and water all in one place - opens its doors!

Disabling MathJax Cookies

It turns out that MathJax sets cookies to remember your preferences. Specifically, the cookie. I looked around for hints as how to disable this cookie in the configuration, but found none, so here is my solution:

La Grange Rodeo

When I went to La Grange to see Cottonwood Creek and saw that there would be a rodeo, I figured I had to go watch and get the full American experience. Here it is - the 71st La Grange rodeo.

Joshua Tree National Park

More than just a desert, I visited the Joshua Tree national park on my way back to the bay area.

An Evening in Sedona

Almost twelve years since I was last here. It's still a hippie place with about ten thousand residents, but it seems like there's much more tourism nowadays. Main street was full of people, and I had to park a bit away.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon is a place that is a textbook example of color science. In particular, how the color temperature ("warm" reds vs "cold" blues) drops as you go from brightly illuminated surfaces to the shadows.

Horseshoe Bend

This part of the Colorado River has been photographed so much that it exists more on Instagram than in the real world. In fact, the real-world Horseshoe Bend is but a projection of the platonic ideal of Horseshoe Bend, which exists on Instagram.

Navajo Power Plant

A coal-fired power plant near Page, Arizona. Capacity: 2250MW from three 750MW units that consume 8 million tons of coal per year. It will be closed down as its lease expires in 2019.

Monument Valley

I just drove through Monument Valley, since my rental car couldn't be driven on unpaved roads.


The arches in Arches National Park are a lot bigger than you think.