Fulufjället National Park

A hike through Fulufjället national park up to Sweden's tallest waterfall - Njupeskär. The national park consists of the high plateau of Fulufjället, over which a number of streams flow that have eroded their way through the sandstone cliffs and formed canyons before joining with Dalälven and flowing into the Baltic Sea.


A three-story art exhibition in a soon-to-be demolished building: Level 4 in cooperation with Satans Demokrati - "3500 m2 100% konst".

KGB Prison Cells

The tallest building in Tallinn - you can see Siberia from here.

End of Summer Light Show

Summer is over and the days are getting darker - so Mother Nature turns on the light show!

Bigsh0t - frei0r Plugins for 360 Video

A while back I created some effect strips for 360 video in Blender. Unfortunately, Blender's video sequence editor has no support for plugins, so the only way to get the effects really integrated would be to get my effect strips merged with the main Blender tree. This was too much work, so I decided to go look for some other video editor - one with plugin support - and I came across Shotcut. Shotcut's plugin support is much better than Blender's, and while the compositing features in Shotcut lags Blender's, it's much more of a proper video editor.


After a dry summer, the wildflowers have shot up with a vengeance and cover the previously dry fields. The blue flowers are Medicago sativa, lucerne or alfalfa.

Carl Schmeiss Postitar 44mm f/32

The Carl Schmeiss Postitar 44/32 is a premium quality pinhole lens, hand-made from the best Post-It notes, a pencil and a Kenko extension tube. With excellent 3d-pop (the optics pop right out if you press with your thumb) and micro-contrast (the contrast is micro, not the micro stuff having contrast), and wonderful creamy bokeh along with a warm color cast reminding you of a summer day, it is a lens for pro photographers who want to take their art to the next level.