Autumn Colors at Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen

The weather has been mostly overcast, overcast, and some more overcast - so when the sun did peek out from behind the clouds I went to see some autumn foilage.


Sliding Drawer for Musical Keyboard

My new year's resolution for 2021 was to learn how to compose music. To that end I dug out my old keyboard from 1988, which, surprisingly, worked very well. I kitted it out with an ESI MIDIMATE eX MIDI-to-USB, downloaded LMMS, and was on my way.


Vazova Trail

Ivan Vazov, also called "the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature", best known for his role in the Bulgarian national awakening and author of the book Under the Yoke (Под игото, 1894), used to come here and hike. In particular he'd go to the Skaklya waterfall, where he wrote From Mala Stara Planina and Grandfather Yotso is Watching (Дядо Йоцо гледа, published 1901 in the collection Seen and Heard / Видено и чуто)


Hagia Sophia Church

A church from the 5th-6th century, abandoned in the 18th century.



The cave is about 300 meters long and contains ten halls. Its name "ledenika" means "icy" or "glacial", and the cave is quite a lot more chilly than the outside.


Church of St Paraskevi

Built either in the 10th century or 13-14th century.


Church of the Holy Saviour

Built in 1609, this a small former-church (it's de-consecrated) most notable for its wall paintings.


Church of St John the Baptist

A cruciform church from the 11th century.


Shipka Memorial Church

Also known as Memorial Temple of the Birth of Christ, the Shipka Memorial Church was built as a memorial dedicated to the soldiers that died in the Russo-Turkish War (1877-78) which resulted in the liberation of Bulgaria.


Devetashka Cave

A huge cave with an underground river. It has been used for shelter, as a refuge, as a military base, and as a storage for oil.


The Stone Ships

The "stone ships" are two rock formations just off the beach in Sinemorets.


Sunset Over Gabrovo

Watching the sun set.


Krushuna Falls

A series of waterfalls with a short hike to the cave where the river springs.


Church of St Stephen

One of many churches in Nesebar, and by far the most decorated.



Some bad Google Maps routes have a silver lining. When driving to Kavarna Google Maps selected road 2902 followed by road 902; apparently not knowing that road 902 was basically torn up due to road work.


The Cliffs

There's a nice (but sometimes rough) path closer to the water that goes between Villa Adolfsberg in the east to Fredhällsbadet in the west.