Wieliczka Salt Mine

Under the small town of Wieliczka, part of the Krakow metropolitan area, lies 287 kilometers of underground passages. It's the Wieliczka salt mine, a salt mine that was in continuous operation from the 13th century until 2007.


Last Day of Summer

The temperature soared to 18 degrees and the sun shone. I hopped on my bike and went to Husby Gård, and I wasn't disappointed. The golden hour offered a beautiful sunset with a magic haze.



Autumn is here.


Kymlinge and Igelbäcken

Stopping by on my way back home.


GhettoPro Zero

A GoPro Hero is $300; a GhettoPro Zero is $50.


16 Year Old Bike

On a (from what I remember) sunny late August afternoon, after having had lunch, I bought a new bike for 3195 SEK at Sportex on Sveavägen 77.


Sunset at Råstasjön

Biking back home from Husby.


Red Sky Over Brunnsviken 2

The bigger picture. See Red Sky Over Brunnsviken for a zoomed-in perspective.


Sunset Over Strömsborg

A little idyllic islet (one of very many in Stockholm) that was overtaken by the expanding capital city. Before the Vasa bridge (right) the only way to the islet and its fantastic view west was by means of a rowboat, and after the Central bridge (left) was built there was no longer any view.


C.A's Final Resting Place

If heaven needs anything fixed, I'm sure they have the best help.


Släpp Snubbar by Tanja Suhinina

On the average, Tanja Suhinina is monogamous. Whereas she used to be a voice for polyamorous, her latest book is all about how to eliminate men from your life. On the average, this is a slightly above average book.


Röttle Harbor

This harbor was previously used for transport to and from Visingsö, the large island in lake Vättern.


Homey Bee Bar

I found this bumblebee sitting on a leaf. It didn't move, and after a little bit a realized that the poor thing was probably exhausted.


Red Sky Over Brunnsviken

The sky started out overcast, but it finished the day colorful. See Red Sky Over Brunnsviken 2 for a wider perspective.


Radisson Blu Waterfront Sends Love

In the middle of the covid-19 pandemic.


Red Tulips

Red tulips in the setting sun.