Full Moon Forest

The moon lights up the snow, and the street lights set the trees on fire.

A Cold Night

When the sky is as white as the ground.

Snow Motion

Snow falling in slow-motion is relaxing.

360 Video With Blender

The Ricoh Theta is a fun toy, but to really play with it you need to be able to edit the video you capture. Blender being my favorite tool for this, I decided to try to add some functions I thought were missing to it.

The Least Photographed Day

Over the past 15 years I've only taken a total of 14 photos on February 10: It's the "least photographed day".

This statistical nugget comes from a feature of the photo organizing software I use where you can sort photos by month and day for an instant "throwback Thursday" experience. (It's up to 88 now; and February 16 is at the bottom with 20 photos.)

The Industrial Landscape

The "industrial landscape" of Norrköping where the Motala river (Motala ström) was used to power mills and other industries.

Magnificent Desolation

Some overcast days are quite impressive. These two definitely made me appreciate them more.

A Glimpse of Winter

The temperature dropped to below freezing and we finally got some snow.

How to Prepare for the GDPR

How to prepare for the GDPR:

  1. Buy our seminar

  2. Buy our whole seminar series

  3. Buy our consulting services

  4. Buy our audit

  5. Buy our certification

  6. Buy our whitepaper

  7. Buy our software products

  8. Use our free online assessment, then 1-7. (And 8 again, there's no escape).

...but you'll just get exhausted. Instead:

Cookie Consent

While certain blue muppets may find the idea of having to consent to cookies to be as absurd as having to consent to breathe, the EU's "cookie law" is clear on the point that for some cookies, you must get at least implicit consent.

Visti Spatial Search

While walking to the grocery store I had an idea: could I implement spatial searching in Visti? When I got home I sat down and looked at the API reference and the code - in that order - and was given a late Christmas gift from past me: I had already implemented spatial indexing.

So I quickly wrote up a small Javascript function that will launch a search for any item within 1km of the browser's position. Great if you either want to find out more about the object in front of you, or want to find the nearest runestone. Go to Visti and click on Near me to try it out.