The Warmest Summer Evening

The temperature shot up to 28 degrees and the effect on people was predictable.


The Flowers of Djurgården

The flowers are really blossoming this year.


Partial Partial Eclipse

Partially seen behind the clouds.


A Walk Around Skeppsholmen After the Rain

An evening walk.


Bigsh0t in Stereo(graphic)

A new version of Bigsh0t is available! This time with a new filter.


The Towers of Thor

Officially the "northern towers", but the original name ("Tors torn") sounds a lot better.


The Fluffballs of Råstasjön

The little goslings are busy exploring the beach.


Wood Anemone Solo 2021

If the previous weeks were a duet of blue and white anemones, then the forest is now one giant solo of white wood anemones with the odd blue one.


Royal Birthday Flight

Team50 flyby with Sk50 in honor of the birthday of His Majesty the King.


Igelbäcken at Dusk

A couple of photos as I was biking home.


Anemone Duet 2021

The spring of 2021 came late and was colder than usual. Like last year, both the blue and white anemones were flowering.


City Abstracts

Seeing the city in a new light when walking about.


Tills alla dör by Diamant Salihu

Tills alla dör (Until Everyone Dies) is a brilliant nonfiction book that could well fit into the horror genre, if it weren't for the fact that it's a true story.


The First Rainy Days of Spring in Hansta

It's been a wet few days, but the little flowers seem to enjoy it.


Bigsh0t Zenith

Bigsh0t 2.4 contains a Zenith Correction filter that can parse zenith correction data for Ricoh Theta SC and SC2. It also contains faster image processing code, reducing the bilinear interpolation time by 60% on SSE-supporting CPUs (which is all 64 bit processors) and by 34% on other CPUs; as well as reducing the 360 transformation time by 48%.

Download Bigsh0t 2.4 for Windows

Note: There was never a 2.3 release. It was first intended as a very small update, only adding a single flag to Stabilize360 to skip a final transform when analyzing.


Dusty Hazy Spring

A walk around Djurgårdsbrunnsviken.