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Late Summer Biking at Järvafältet

I like all seasons, for different reasons - late summers always bring those comfortably warm evenings and golden sunsets where the world is embedded in amber. Perfect weather for biking around, and perfect weather for taking photos. Also, biking helps you scout out good spots and move between them while the sunset is in progress.


How to Split a MIDI Keyboard in Windows

Sophisticated MIDI keyboards like the Roland A-800PRO let you operate more than one instrument from them by splitting the keys into zones. For example, you can play background strings with the left side of the keyboard and the main instrument with the right side. But if all you have is an old Casiotone CT-640, you'll have to do it in software. For that, we'll use loopMIDI and MidiLayer.


Summer Sergel Sunset

It had rained, so I rushed home, grabbed the camera... ...and did not regret doing that.


Stefan Gechev Spring

These springs dot the landscape in Bulgaria. Great for road trips, where you just bring some empty bottles and can refill them as you go.


Abandoned Baths

An abandoned mineral bath hotel.


Troyan Monastery

The third largest monastery in Bulgaria (after the Rila and Bachkovo monasteries).


More Transformers of Gabrovo

Probably some other utility box in there, but it's a really unique form of street art.


The Arch of Freedom

A monument to the liberation of Bulgaria.



An open-air ethnographic museum.



I follow The 8-bit Guy on YouTube and I greatly enjoy it. I also eulogized Jack Tramiel, ending with 64k is enough for anyone. At the same time, I upgraded my PC to have 64GB of memory, a faster processor, faster storage, and a graphics card capable of producing output that a seven-year-old and eight-bit me would not thought possible.


Next Level by Performers

It really is. I didn't believe it was on a C64 first.


Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Spring 2023

Another year, another spring, another show.


Release the Salmon!

If you don't have a kraken, you can do the next best - release a bunch of salmon.


AI Art

It started, I think, with Deep Dream, an AI tool that would infuse images with a psychedelic amount of pareidolia. Then came Prisma and other neural style transfer tools, that let you take a photo and then style it to look like some other photo - for example, "this photo in the style of van Gogh".


How to Remove the Virtual Cockpit in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has the absolutely best visual flying experience I've ever seen. Younger me, who had to settle for a lot simpler graphics, would have had his little mind blown. But in what I consider one of the premier fumblings of product management, Microsoft and Asobo Studios turned Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 into Microsoft Dashboard Simulator 2020 by not making it possible to turn off the virtual cockpit. There is even a Home Cockpit mode they taunt us with that claims to do that but, alas, it doesn't work, never did, and likely never will.


Another Foggy City Morning

Early mornings and sunrises often result in spectacular atmospheric effects. This morning was no exception.