Enabling Chromecast for HTML Video

Google's Chromecast is pretty cool. To get your own videos to play on it you can, for example, upload them to YouTube and use the "cast" button in the YouTube app - and it's really satisfying to see your own video on a big screen. But what if you want to cast video from your own website?

Bird Crib

With this decoration, it's not a mere bird "box".

Golden Gate Sunrises

An advantage of jetlag is that if you nurse it properly you can get into the kind of crepuscular sleep cycle that result in colorful photos.

Fulufjället National Park

A hike through Fulufjället national park up to Sweden's tallest waterfall - Njupeskär. The national park consists of the high plateau of Fulufjället, over which a number of streams flow that have eroded their way through the sandstone cliffs and formed canyons before joining with Dalälven and flowing into the Baltic Sea.


A three-story art exhibition in a soon-to-be demolished building: Level 4 in cooperation with Satans Demokrati - "3500 m2 100% konst".

KGB Prison Cells

The tallest building in Tallinn - you can see Siberia from here.

End of Summer Light Show

Summer is over and the days are getting darker - so Mother Nature turns on the light show!