Setting the GeoSetter Web Browser Version

The map in the wonderful program GeoSetter has started showing an error message saying that the Google Maps JavaScript API isn't supported on the browser. This is because GeoSetter uses an embedded browser, which unfortunately defaults to a very old version of Internet Explorer. However, by editing the Windows Registry, we can force the embedded browser to default to a newer version.

Close-Up Lens Calculator

While writing the review of the Phottix Close-Up Filter I had to re-learn how to figure out what the specifications of a close-up lens actually means in practice. So I won't have to re-learn it again, here's a small tool that figures out the important bits.

Phottix Close-Up Filter

The Raynox DCR-250 is excellent for dabbling in macro photography, but the clip-on holder only works on lenses with filter diameters between 52 and 67 mm - and you get substantial vignetting as you get closer to 67 mm. Since the lenses I use with my Nikon D600 all have filter diameters of 67 mm or more, I went searching for something that would replace the DCR-250.

Hafla Layali, November 2017

A great preview of what's to come on the student show - and also the performance that won the Oriental Love Festival in Belgrade.

Humpbacked Witches

In the dark woods near the old pagan altar you'll find many humpbacked witches. Some with bigger humps than others.

Full Frame

I finally took the plunge and bought a used full-frame camera.

Heart Lake

A small lake above Castle Lake.

Road Six

A brief stop on the way north to Mt Shasta.