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The Cats of Gabrovo

For a city known for docking the tail of their cats, there are a lot of full-tailed cats on the streets.


Floating Flowers

Flowers floating in the fountain.


Heroyam Slava

The one country that, by its courage, probably saved us all.


Signs of Autumn

The first autumn colors have come with brown leaves and red berries.


Karlbergssjön From the North

A view south toward the city center a little past sunset. (I also tried a multi-shot panorama, but my and-held skills weren't up to it.)


Viktory Custom Keyboard Cover

The original dust cover for my old Casiotone CT-640 was showing its age. sunshine, heat, and moisture had taken its toll. So I decided to get a new one, and found Viktory, where you can order all kinds of dust covers, as well as custom made ones. Since I provided Viktory with the measurements, you can have a cover for your Casiotone CT-640, too!


Nuts and Bolts

A pile of stuff (magnet) fished out of the water.


Lill-Pöt's Lullaby

An experiment with harp.


Dead Bug

A dead bug in an equally dead tree.


The Small Birds of Preem

They're small, but radiate attitude as they fly around among the gas station guests.



A privately-owned house of culture on Södermalm, Stockholm, Kapsylen was founded in the autumn of 1978 in an old bottle cap factory.


Mother Duck

A mother duck cozying up with her ducklings.


Abstract Skate Park

A concrete bowl.


Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Phooey

Obviously, these four ducklings must be named Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Phooey. The fourth one, Phooey, being the "fourth triplet" that the artist would occasionally draw by mistake.


Night Cycle Ride Around Södermalm

I host a Meetup group for people who like to take bike rides at night in Stockholm. Last Friday we went for the first ride this year, first around Kvarnholmen, and then around Södermalm. There was a short but intense rainshower as we reached Södermalm, and it left a very special atmosphere.


Crispy Waffles

An easy recipe for waffles.