Storm Filomena

This storm passed by the Canary Islands and Madeira on its way to Europe. It's been raining almost continuously since New Year's.


Pico do Arieiro

Hiking from Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo and back. 300 meters down, 300 meters up, and worth every millimeter.


Paul da Serra

A high plateau on Madeira.


Levada Pedregal

A walk above and through west Madeira villages.


Levada dos Cedros (PR14)

A walk through a foggy green jungle.


A House on a Hill

Merry Christmas!


Quinta da Regaleira

An estate with a park with esoteric buildings.


Smedsudden at Dusk

A Lucia afternoon.


One Last Fika at Husby Gård

When the weather is overcast and the sun would barely have made it above the horizon if you could see it, it's nice to get some coffee and buns at Husby Gård.


Sunset at Klara Mälarstrand

One of the few days with an almost-clear sky.


One-Eyed Water Fountain

By design, or a case of pareidolia?


A Trip to Översjön

For what I think will be the last long bike ride this year I wanted to go to Översjön. It was quite a muddy ride, and I had to clean the front derailleur since the whole drivetrain simply seized up from all the dirt in it.


A Ride Through Autumn Leaves

The ground is covered in red.


Biking 360

I decided to dogfood my 360 video tools. The results were mixed - some of it felt like what I imagine post-dog dogfood to taste - but I did manage to fix one major bug and improve performance.

Come join me on a bike ride around Djurgården and north-west Stockholm!


Hos Frank

This is a review of a wonderful and cosy restaurant with great food and service - that doesn't exist.


Echopraxia by Peter Watts

Echopraxia is a side-quel to Watts's hugely successful Blindsight, taking place almost in parallel with the events of the latter. It continues Watts's argument against the utility of consciousness, expanding it to an argument against logic, reasoning, and the scientific method. The argument against the latter three proceeds in the same way as against the first - Watts acknowledges the utility of them, but believes they will be superseded by other methods by post-humans.