Lennart Hellsing's Grave

Just outside the main entrance of St Clara Church is a small wooden cross without a name, surrounded by a small ring of stones and flowers. It's the grave of Lennart Hellsing, a writer and translator who is perhaps most known for his children's books.

Blurred, Low-Resolution Previews

Maybe you have a blazing fast Internet connection and have set the CSS transition delay to zero in a user stylesheet - but I've added a very, very low-resolution preview to all image tiles on these pages.

Sunset, Granholmstoppen

Before making Moonrise, Granholmstoppen II, I went to Granholmstoppen to get a sunset panorama. Then, it just sat there on my hard drive until today. The reason was simple: these panoramas are about half a gigapixel, and the 16GB RAM I had made editing them in Photoshop something like Photoshop-by-mail - you'd set off a process, wait five to ten minutes, and then come back to do the next step.

Moonrise, Granholmstoppen II

A while back I made an attempt at re-shooting an old, old photo from 2006. That attempt was a second try at a failed attempt the previous year - and didn't quite turn out as I expected. I concluded the entry with next attempt will be on June 12, 2011[*], but that attempt in turn also failed to bring me the result I wanted. However, then I was simply fed up with it all and decided to declare victory and move on.

But now it's 2018 - seven years later - and it's time for me to give in to my obsessions again.

Calamunnda Camel Farm

When I saw that camels were used in Australia due to their toughness, I figured I had to visit a camel farm.