2023 Archive

2023 Archive


Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Spring 2023[a]
Another year, another spring, another show.

Release the Salmon![b]
If you don't have a kraken, you can do the next best - release a bunch of salmon.


AI Art[c]
AI generated art is inevitable, and the bulk of it will still be bad. I think AI will end up being a way for good artists to produce good art faster.


How to Remove the Virtual Cockpit in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020[d]
How to go from Microsoft Dashboard Simulator to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Another Foggy City Morning[e]
Early mornings and sunrises often result in spectacular atmospheric effects. This morning was no exception.

I think we got something like 30cm of snow in a day. It was, of course, chaos.


Dark Mode Google Maps[g]
Google Maps doesn't support dark color scheme preferences, and therefore remain bright even when the rest of the website has gone dark. But you can get something close to a dark mode Google Maps with a little bit of JavaScript.

Ice Veils[h]
A soft ice sheet that bunches up in the water.

More Winter Sunsets[i]
Even more color.

Blindsight GPT[j]
An entity that sounds human, can process language and talk to you - but has no consiousness and no idea what it's talking about? Seen that before.

Winter Sunsets[k]
Sometimes the sky just explodes with color.

For the Last Time[l]
Have you thought about the fact that once upon a time you went out and played for the very last time?


Husby Gård Christmas Lights[m]
I particularly like the snowflake tree.

Winter Evening at Kungsholms Strandstig[n]
A walk along the water through the new snow.

Grönlandsparken Christmas Lights[o]
It's way too cold for the fountains to work, but with some light strips we can have winter fountains anyway.