2023 Archive

2023 Archive


Christmas Tree Flight 2023[a]
The yearly Christmas Tree-flight by the Swedish Air Force passing over the royal palace. A yearly tradition, but this is the last time they'll use the SK60 trainer.

Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Autumn 2023[b]
A great christmas tradition where the soloists stood out.

David Drake[c]
I wouldn't be where or who I am without David Drake. I think he's the single author that has had an actual measurable impact on the trajectory of my life and the person I eventually turned into.

Snow, Snow, Snow[d]
Winter's here, all at once.


AI Photography[e]
Generative AI in art is a firehose of clichés. But I have been positively surprised by its use in photography post-processing.

Uppsala Ljusfestival 2023[f]
A festival with light-themed artworks in central Uppsala.

Yummy Lion[g]
Someone has put a tongue on the stone lion outside of Dirty Coco - I think their food is too sweet, but maybe stone lions like to eat sweets when they're not about to be eaten by poets.


Different, But Same[h]
...and now for something different, but kinda the same?

Day of the Cinnamon Bun[i]
My new favorite café.


Dystopian Kindergarten[j]
Even places where kids laugh and play can seem eerily deserted and sad when there's nobody there.

Ett ord för blod by Faysa Idle[k]
Idle does an excellent job of describing the events of the gang war from the perspective of someone whose family is involved and to the extent she can the thoughts and motivations of those involved. As a recipe for a solution this book falls flat, but as a piece of the puzzle, the book shines.


Late Summer Biking at Järvafältet[l]
I like all seasons, for different reasons - late summers always bring those golden sunsets and warm evenings where the world is embedded in amber.

How to Split a MIDI Keyboard in Windows[m]
Sophisticated MIDI keyboards like the Roland A-800PRO let you operate more than one instrument from them by splitting the keys into zones. But if all you have is an old Casiotone CT-640, you'll have to do it in software. For that, we'll use loopMIDI and MidiLayer.


Summer Sergel Sunset[n]
It had rained, so I rushed home, grabbed the camera... ...and did not regret doing that.

Stefan Gechev Spring[o]
These springs dot the landscape in Bulgaria. Great for road trips, where you just bring some empty bottles and can refill them as you go.

Abandoned Baths[p]
An abandoned mineral bath hotel.

Troyan Monastery[q]
The third largest monastery in Bulgaria (after the Rila and Bachkovo monasteries).

More Transformers of Gabrovo[r]
Probably some other utility box in there, but it's a really unique form of street art.

The Arch of Freedom[s]
A monument to the liberation of Bulgaria.

An open-air ethnographic museum.


Why is it so interesting?

Next Level by Performers[v]
It really is. I didn't believe it was on a C64 first.


Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Spring 2023[w]
Another year, another spring, another show.

Release the Salmon![x]
If you don't have a kraken, you can do the next best - release a bunch of salmon.


AI Art[y]
AI generated art is inevitable, and the bulk of it will still be bad. I think AI will end up being a way for good artists to produce good art faster.


How to Remove the Virtual Cockpit in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020[z]
How to go from Microsoft Dashboard Simulator to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Another Foggy City Morning[aa]
Early mornings and sunrises often result in spectacular atmospheric effects. This morning was no exception.

I think we got something like 30cm of snow in a day. It was, of course, chaos.


Dark Mode Google Maps[ac]
Google Maps doesn't support dark color scheme preferences, and therefore remain bright even when the rest of the website has gone dark. But you can get something close to a dark mode Google Maps with a little bit of JavaScript.

Ice Veils[ad]
A soft ice sheet that bunches up in the water.

More Winter Sunsets[ae]
Even more color.

Blindsight GPT[af]
An entity that sounds human, can process language and talk to you - but has no consiousness and no idea what it's talking about? Seen that before.

Winter Sunsets[ag]
Sometimes the sky just explodes with color.

For the Last Time[ah]
Have you thought about the fact that once upon a time you went out and played for the very last time?


Husby Gård Christmas Lights[ai]
I particularly like the snowflake tree.

Winter Evening at Kungsholms Strandstig[aj]
A walk along the water through the new snow.

Grönlandsparken Christmas Lights[ak]
It's way too cold for the fountains to work, but with some light strips we can have winter fountains anyway.