2024 Archive

2024 Archive


Even More Transformers of Gabrovo[a]
...and even more. One that I photographed back in 2021 and forgot!

Gabrovo Falls[b]
Experiments in freezing and not freezing water motion.

The Dogs of Gabrovo[c]
They're a lot more shy that the cats, but also a lot more chill. While the cats were always up to something, the dogs mostly just take it easy in the shade.

Beer Arrow[d]
When the Beer Gods close a tap they open a bottle.


Paw Print[e]
I don't know if it's a dog or a cat, but putting that print in the asphalt it sure was a beast.


Gabrovo Carnival 2024[f]
Musicians, aliens, cartoon characters, the Town Docker...

The Fire Burning in the Bottle Cap Monster[g]
The monster lives still.

Gabrovonian Morning[h]
The heavy clouds lifted and the sun shone.


Balance Bike[i]
Kid wants a balance bike. No wait. Dad wants kid to want a balance bike. So I'm - I mean - she's getting one.

Featured on Berm Peak![j]
My work here is complete.


Många har satt champagnen på kylning, men plocka inte fram den ännu. Det Sverige som går med i NATO är annorlunda än det Sverige som stod utanför NATO under det kalla kriget, men det NATO vi går med i är också annorlunda.


Hue-Preserving Invert CSS Filter for Dark Mode[l]
Using a gamma transformation followed by linear transforms in YUV color space to convert images for dark mode.

Grasshopper Craft Beer Shop[m]
It was absolutely well worth a visit.

Sweet Potato Patties[n]

A Small Ice Cave[o]
Spring is almost here, and with that, some freeze-thaw cycles that result in nice but small ice formations.

Giant Paper Flowers[p]
Paper flowers made for the NK department store by Danish artist Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen.

Mushroom and Sundried Tomato Pasta[q]
A quick, easy to make, and tasty sauce.

A lot of snow in not a lot of time.

A fantastic immersive experience.


The Small Internet[t]
Techies are just as prone to nostalgia as anyone else. In particular, they tend to be nostalgic for the time when the Internet was the domain of techies, when it was our little bubble.

Husby Centrum Christmas Decorations[u]
A pair of christmas trees on the little square near the library.