2022 Archive

2022 Archive


The Cats of Gabrovo[a]
For a city known for docking the tail of their cats, there are a lot of full-tailed cats on the streets.


Floating Flowers[b]
Flowers floating in the fountain.

Heroyam Slava[c]
The one country that, by its courage, probably saved us all.

Signs of Autumn[d]
The first autumn colors have come with brown leaves and red berries.

Karlbergssjön From the North[e]
A view south toward the city center a little past sunset.

Viktory Custom Keyboard Cover[f]
Nice price, quality work, and well thought-out design.

Nuts and Bolts[g]
A pile of stuff (magnet) fished out of the water.

Lill-Pöt's Lullaby[h]
An experiment with harp.

Dead Bug[i]
A dead bug in an equally dead tree.


The Small Birds of Preem[j]
They're small, but radiate attitude.

A privately-owned house of culture on Södermalm, Stockholm.

Mother Duck[l]
A mother duck cozying up with her ducklings.

Abstract Skate Park[m]
A concrete bowl.


Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Phooey[n]
Duck tales.

Night Cycle Ride Around Södermalm[o]
I host a Meetup group for people who like to take bike rides at night in Stockholm. Last Friday we went for the first ride this year, first around Kvarnholmen, and then around Södermalm. There was a short but intense rainshower as we reached Södermalm, and it left a very special atmosphere.

Crispy Waffles[p]
An easy recipe for waffles.

USS Kearsarge (LHD-3)[q]
An amphibious assault ship visiting Stockholm as part of BaltOps22.


EMoR: Explained for MoRons[r]
A simple explainer of the EMoR model and its use in image processing.

The PHP Fractal[s]
I don't think PHP is bad. But PHP needs to evolve.

Birds and Blossoms[t]
Playing around with the Bigma.

Place of Free Ukraine[u]
Right next to the Russian embassy is "Fria Ukrainas Plats", or "Place of Free Ukraine". A part of the Marieberg Park was renamed in solidarity with Ukraine, and to show our disgust with the Russian regime.

Red Geometry[v]
Detail from the skywalk between Kulturhuset and Stockholms Stadsteater.


Stockholm Lighthouse[w]
A residential building on the site of the old "Qvarnen Tre Kronor" mill and silo.

It's easter!

Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary[y]
A superb lens that punches way above its price point when played to its strengths. If you can get it to where you want to use it, and if that place has enough light, you're all set. If not, keep looking for a lens with a different set of trade-offs.

The Birds of Råstasjön[z]
Going birding.

Hafla Layali, March 2022[aa]
After two years of pandemic, it's back!


Flowers and Martenitsa[ab]
Spring was early this year.

USS Forrest Sherman (DDG-98)[ac]
The USS Forrest Sherman, an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer is on a visit to Stockholm.

Springtime Ice[ad]
The ice is melting.

Deer Rush[ae]
I went to Husby Gård to see if I could photograph some birds or other animals with my Sigma 150-600.

March Sunset[af]
I don't know if it's the dry dust that gets kicked up in the air, but early spring brings really nice sunsets.

It finally became obvious to just about everyone that Vladimir Putin has turned Russia into Nazi Germany 2, a low budget sequel complete with a ranting führer.


A sundial that, unfortunately, stand in the shade.

Mushroom Street[ai]
A little piece of Wonderland.

The Angel in the Window[aj]
Having just finished binge-watching all six seasons of Lucifer, this was an appropriate sight.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo[ak]
Jesuit church in Murcia.

Catedral de Murcia[al]
Cathedral with Gothic-style interior.

Ermita de los Pasos de Santiago[am]
An abandoned shrine near the Church of Santiago where the via crucis procession would pass.

Los Tres Reyes[an]
The Three Kings - also known as Epiphany - is a tradition where a parade with Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar goes through Alicante from the harbor (where they are said to have arrived).


The Geometry of Alicante[ao]
City shapes.

Birding with the Bigma[ap]
I got myself a Sigma 150-600 for early Christmas, and decided to take it on a test photo session.

The Cats of Student Park[aq]
There is a dog park nearby, but this is where all the cool cats hang out.

Alicante from Above[ar]
View of the sunset over Alicante from Santa Barbara Castle.