2021 Archive

2021 Archive


The Warmest Summer Evening[a]
The temperature shot up to 28 degrees and the effect on people was predictable.

The Flowers of Djurgården[b]
The flowers are really blossoming this year.

Partial Partial Eclipse[c]
Partially seen behind the clouds.

A Walk Around Skeppsholmen After the Rain[d]
An evening walk.

Bigsh0t in Stereo(graphic)[e]
New version of Bigsh0t.


The Towers of Thor[f]
Officially the "northern towers", but the original name ("Tors torn") sounds a lot better.

The Fluffballs of Råstasjön[g]
The little goslings are busy exploring the beach.

Wood Anemone Solo 2021[h]
If the previous weeks were a duet of blue and white anemones, then the forest is now one giant solo of white wood anemones with the odd blue one.

Royal Birthday Flight[i]
Team50 flyby in honor of the birthday of His Majesty the King.


Igelbäcken at Dusk[j]
A couple of photos as I was biking home.

Anemone Duet 2021[k]
The spring of 2021 came late and was colder than usual.

City Abstracts[l]
Seeing the city in a new light when walking about.

Tills alla dör by Diamant Salihu[m]
A brilliant nonfiction book that could well fit into the horror genre, if it weren't for the fact that it's a true story. It is a giant of a book in a small package. Well researched, well written, and not shying away from difficult topics, it is a must read for anyone trying to understand the events in north-western Stockholm and the social challenges there.

The First Rainy Days of Spring in Hansta[n]
It's been a wet few days, but the little flowers seem to enjoy it.

Bigsh0t Zenith[o]
Zenith correction and optimizations.


Dusty Hazy Spring[p]
A walk around Djurgårdsbrunnsviken.

Ricoh Theta SC2[q]
The Theta SC2 is the follow up to the entry-level Theta SC and brings mainly much improved video, but also some very useful ergonomic features to the stills.

Part of the very popular triangle route Kungsholmstorg - Söder Mälarstrand - Klara Mälarstrand.

First Ladybug[s]
The first ladybug of the year!

A Springtime Gathering[t]
Someone set up a bird feeder, and it turned out to be quite popular with the intended guests and others.

Martenitsa Kamila[u]
Celebrating the return of spring.


Ricoh Theta Video Metadata[v]
The Ricoh Theta SC and Ricoh Theta SC2 stores orientation information in the video files they produce. Extracting this information is helpful when editing, since it lets you do a first-pass zenith correction and get the footage somewhat stable.

Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse[w]
Swim due west and you'll end up in Charleston, Georgia.

Love Locks on Riksbron[x]
Love locks under snow on Riksbron.

Winter Storm[y]
A windy evening on Granholmstoppen.

Valley of the Nuns[z]
A valley in central Madeira with a small village surrounded by near-vertical cliffs.

Levada do Moinho and Levada Nova[aa]
A walk with a spectacular waterfall on the way back.


Storm Filomena[ab]
This storm passed by the Canary Islands and Madeira on its way to Europe. It's been raining almost continuously since New Year's.

Pico do Arieiro[ac]
Hiking from Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo and back. 300 meters down, 300 meters up, and worth every millimeter.

Paul da Serra[ad]
A high plateau on Madeira.