Different, But Same
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Different, But Same

...and now for something different, but kinda the same?

Lately I've been binging Berm Peak[a], previously known as Seth's Bike Hacks[b], and just like Educational Youtube it's one of those gems you find on YouTube. It has certainly inspired me, and although Seth is more gear-focused than I am with my now 19 year old bike, he keeps the joy of biking in the center.

It's a very positive channel, nicely presented by Seth Alvo, and something I like to keep on in the background while working. Of course, even better would be to unplug from YouTube and actually go pedaling, but you do what you can with what you've got.

This of course led me down the rabbit hole of "biking YouTube", where I found Danny MacAskill[c]...

...and via his Do a Wheelie[d] video, Viola Brand[e] (at 1:20[f]).