Chicha por Gastón Acurio
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Chicha por Gastón Acurio

You may not have heard about Gastón Acurio[a]. That's fine - he hasn't heard about you either. However, if you are into food in Peru, you probably will end up hearing about him. He is the person who ignited the Peruvian food revolution[b].

Chicha por Gastón Acurio

Chicha por Gastón Acurio

Plaza Regocijo 261, 2do. nivel


A great restaurant by the person who ignited the Peruvian food revolution. (4/5)

So what about this restaurant, that gives his name more letters than the name of the restaurant itself? Well, it is good. Really good. I had a hamburger that was just fantastic. But I also tried a bit of pasta, and... well, it tasted pasta. As in "dough". And that was that. Which is why I give the restaurant a 4 and not a 5. Everything else was great, though - the appetizer, the bread, the drink.

Do go here, because the food is really worthy of the name, but stay away from the pasta. For that, go to Cicciolina.

2012-01-03 17:40

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Chicha, Peru 2011