Husby Tingsstenar

Husby Tingsstenar

The current farm at Husby ("Husby gård") is from the start of the 19th century, but a farm known as "Husby" has existed in roughly the same spot in late pre-historic times. This ancient Husby, which existed as the middle ages began, shared the name with many other farms. The "husby" was where the King's appointed man would gather taxes and perform other administrative functions. In Uppland, which is the province Husby was part of, each hundred[a] had its own husby.

The old Husby was part of Sollentuna hundred, itself part of Attundaland folkland which was part of Uppland[b] province. Each hundred was charged with maintaining law and order in the area. Law and justice was done at the thing[c], an assembly of the free men in the hundred.

The assembly took place at a fixed location, the tingsplats, which for Sollentuna hundred was here in Husby among these glacial erratics[d] on a hill in Tingsskogen, the "thing forest". The oldest written record of the site is from 1347 when it was called graenbythingstad, or "graenby-thing-place". The boulders themselves are known as the "thing stones". They are surrounded by the "Dovre"[e] block of apartment buildings that was built 1988-90 by SKB.

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Adjacent to the large boulders is a border marker in the form of a cairn that marks where the lands of Granby, Akalla, Kista and Ärvinge meet.

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