Sapa - Bigger and Better

Sapa - Bigger and Better

I've written about this restaurant before, but beyond adding a "just close the browser and go there" to the previous article I haven't really had that much more to say.



Lindengasse 35
1070 Wien

A good restaurant gets what it deserves - Sapa has become bigger and better. The same great food and service, the same relaxing, laid-back atmosphere, but in an updated package. (5/5)

But now there is.

Whenever I land in Vienna, Sapa is the first place I go to. I don't consider myself to have arrived in Vienna before a nice bowl of cari or phoxao has hit the table in front of me. Therefore, once I had dropped off my luggage at the hotel, I hopped on the 49 tram and went straight here. Immediately I noticed that something was different. The door had been replaced. Entering the restaurant, it was obvious that someone had invested a lot in the premises.

But was it still the restaurant I remembered? Yes!

It turns out that the people running this fantastic place had gotten exactly what they deserved. Sapa still has the same great food, the same great service in the same great, laid-back atmosphere - but in a newer, update package. Enough with the observations, now: I dove head-first into the culinary experience. I ordered a cari, followed it up with a crème brûlée, and just enjoyed the taste of great food.

The cari with chicken.

2012-03-23 15:47

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Sapa, Vienna 2012-03