Springtime in Lainzer Tiergarten

Springtime in Lainzer Tiergarten

Spring is coming, and flowers are starting to shoot up all over Lainzer Tiergarten.


You know what they say about "April weather"[a]: Unpredictable at best. There's also another aspect of the early spring weather that makes it difficult to clothe oneself properly: The fact that there is little heat stored in the air, ground or water. While the sun is shining, if you can find a sunny spot, it's summer. But step into the shade, or wait until sunset, and you're right back in mid-February.

For this hike I had gone back and forth between wearing shorts or pants, a sweater or just a t-shirt. I ended up with jeans and t-shirt, which worked great for the afternoon hike. I also ended up on top of a very cold and windy tower for about one hour, which was less of a success.

Statistically then, everything went all right.