First Hike
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First Hike

The first hike was a short and easy one.


We set out on a trail from the lodge. After a few minutes of walking, Henry, our guide, saw some monkeys in the trees. It turned out to be no less than five monkeys! As the animals are normally very shy, seeing five of them together was something not even he had experienced. The ones we saw (if I remember this correctly) were three Capuchin monkeys[a] - a White-fronted Capuchin[b] and two Tufted Capuchin[c] - a Red Howler[d] and a Spider monkey[e]. Sadly, the only two monkeys where I both had the opportunity and the ability to get a shot was one of the Capuchin and a Red Howler.

As the map track shows, the canopy makes GPS near useless. I finally turned it off to conserve battery (no chargers in the rainforest, and the Foretrex 201 I have has an internal battery that can't be swapped out).

These "ant skyscrapers" are entrances to an ant colony.

The trail. This is what it looks like.

The base of a Ceiba pentandra[f] tree, one of the jungle's giants.