El Mirador de Santa Ana
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El Mirador de Santa Ana

View from the hotel with a view - El Mirador de Santa Ana, a wonderful place to stay in Cusco.

I kept looking at the Hotels.com listing. Surely there had to be something that would give it away as fake? There was no way a hotel with rooms this nice, and this nice a view would be that cheap? Finally I figured that I could eat the loss if I had to switch to another hotel, and I booked it.

The hotel is a four-story building overlooking the other two-story buildings of Santa Ana, which, thanks to its position on a hill close to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, in turn overlooks the old town of Cusco. The breakfast room is on the top floor, and it is from there that you can get this view at night:

Other than that, the hotel was very nice and clean, with helpful owners. The breakfasts-with-a-view were something to remember, too.