2010 Archive

2010 Archive


Ljusterö VR[a]
Two VR panoramas taken near Jörgen and Milka's house at Sillviken, Ljusterö.

(fo·cussing): v. what the photographer does while the camera keeps hunting for focus

Little Christmas Tree[c]
My little Christmas tree, 2010 edition.

A collection of timelapses, because everything gets interesting when it goes 20 times faster.

A 22-degree halo seen around the sun.

Moving Shot Stabilization[f]
How to modify the algorithm for video stabilization to handle moving shots.

I've been reading internet forums a lot lately. I still feel dirty.

More Snow[h]
More snowy things seen on a nighttime walk along Norr Mälarstrand.

We've had some fairly heavy snowfall lately - it's Ol' Mother Russia who's sending this year's Christmas present: A white Christmas!

Rolling Shutter[j]
It's not a problem unless you make it a problem. An example of the bad advice you get from internet forums.

Video Stabilization[k]
A process for applying image stabilization when post-processing video footage.

So you are a mentally ill girl who beats up her enemies with her over-starched straightjacket arms, and has the power to project her hallucinations into reality. A review of Lylian by Pixelpickle Games. The game is a side scrolling action platformer that has some very interesting story elements, and while the first episode only gets the ball rolling, it is more than enough to leave me wanting more.


Frozen Apples[m]
They look like Christmas tree decorations.

The falling snow can be seen around the silhouette of Storkyrkan.

Decorated Tree[o]
A tree with Christmas decorations, found just behind Kulturhuset near Sergels Torg.

Sunset at Norr Mälarstrand[p]
The sunset seen next to the twin towers of Högalid Church.

Blender's SDNA[q]
The consequences of a smart serialization algorithm: Since the serial representation gets coupled to the working domain, you restrict the changes that can be made in program algorithms to those that can be done without breaking backwards compatibility in the data format.

Skeppsholmskyrkan Entrance[r]
The entrance to Skeppsholm Church.

The Dying Lion[s]
A visit to the Lion Monument in Luzern, which commemorates the Swiss Guards who were killed in 1792 during the French Revolution.

Rathaus Brauerei[t]
Plants from a micro-brewery in Luzern.

The Jesuit Church in Luzern.

The chapel bridge.

A Foggy Day By The Zugersee[w]
A foggy day at the water.

Sunset Over Zugersee[x]
The sunset over Zugersee, seen from the Guggi rosegarden in Zug.

Zug From Above[y]
Zug seen from Weinberghöhe, at night and during a foggy, overcast day.

Notes on astrophotography with a DSLR and post-processing software.

Thread Pools[aa]
An overview of the multithreading framework used in my video editing toolkit.

Adam Donnerstad, One Year Later[ab]
A visit to the memorial of a fifteen-year-old who committed suicide by jumping off the south end of Västerbron, one year later.

Sequence Rendering[ac]
Non-linear video sequencers have traditionally had a processing model that relied on a frame-by-frame rendering of the output. That is, for each frame of output, the sequencer would render each relevant input at that frame, composite the inputs, and output a single output frame. This model is simple, but has several disadvantages, all rooted in the fact that inter-frame information is thrown away or not accessible to the processor. A processing model is described where the iteration is inverted - we render each input sequence first, and the composite the rendered sequences to produce an output sequence.

Halloween Cart[ad]
A Halloween cart.

Stonebriar Center Parking Lot[ae]
Sunset over the cars at the parking lot of Stonebriar Center.

Bull Riding and Barrel Racing[af]
Photos from the Fort Worth Championship Rodeo, showing the opening ceremony, bull riding and barrel racing events.

Congress Avenue[ag]
The historical downtown district in Austin.

Sunset at Padre Island Seashore[ah]
Sunset seen at the Padre Island National Seashore just outside Corps Christi.

Hyatt Regency Atrium[ai]
The atrium of the Hyatt Regency hotel in San Antonio.

Thai Spice[aj]
Great food and great service at great price at this little cozy thai restaurant.

Nonni Sushi[ak]
It was a long wait, but we finally have PhoXao in Stockholm, thanks to Nonni Sushi.


Releasing Software[al]
The other ninety percent of the work, once the first ninety are done.

View of Old Danube Toward Gänsehäufel[am]
View toward the Gänsehäufel Island in the Old Danube.

Candle Through Glass[an]
A candle shot through a glass of water, during lunch at Hurry Curry.

An exterior staircase at the central station lit by cars passing by on the Centralbron-Klarastrandsleden connector.

Autumn Colors[ap]
Autumn colors along the Norr Mälarstrand walk.

Playground Slide[aq]
The inside of a surrealistic playground slide.

Tyresta the Movie[ar]
A short movie made from the clips shot over the previous visits to tyresta National Park.

Taking the Lake Byl Loop around that same lake in Tyresta an afternoon.

Tyresta Revisited[at]
Going back to Tyresta National Park for more, just as the first snow of this winter fell.

Dynamo Flashlight[au]
A hand-powered flashlight, great for the outdoors.

Ljusterö at Night[av]
Attempts at astrophotography at Sillviken, Ljusterö.

The Lost City of Z by David Grann[aw]
A riveting story about Colonel Percy Fawcett Harrison's quest to find the Lost City of Z in the Amazon, made even more incredible by being true.

Motion Interpolation[ax]
Use of optical flow to slow down videos in post-processing.

Tyresta National Park[ay]
A visit to the nearest national park. Almost 5000 acres of virgin forest, right by Stockholm.

A zoomable image library implemented in HTML5 JavaScript.


Parthenocissus Tricuspidata[ba]
Parthenocissus tricuspidata, or "Boston Vine" seen on the facade of Stockholm City Hall.

Misty Night at Observatory Hill[bb]
A misty night during the winter of 2009.

ZAG - VIE[bc]
The sunset seen from Austrian Airlines flight OS678, going from Zagreb to Vienna.

Lika River[bd]
The river that the region is named after.

Kvarte from Above[be]
Kvarte, Croatia, seen from a nearby hill.

Abandoned Building, Aleksinica[bf]
An abandoned building in Aleksinica, a small village in Lika.

Grabovača Caves[bg]
Visit to the caves.

Stopping by the Cemetery[bh]
Stopping by the Cemetery.

Turska Kula[bi]
The "Turkish Tower" of Perušić, a hill fort that overlooks the town.

The Road to Perušić[bj]
Going to town.

Arriving in Kvarte[bk]
Arriving in little Kvarte, in the Lika region of Croatia.

Image Quality[bl]
Some brief notes on the concept of image quality.

Zhangs Antik[bm]
Chinese antiques on display in the shop window. I don't know what these metal plates were used for - simply decoration, or if the "999,99" inscription has some kind of meaning.

Windows Live Photo Gallery Changes Movie Timestamps[bn]
Windows Live Photo Gallery adds an alternate data stream to movie clips. This changes the "last modified" time of the file, which causes problems with backups and confuses users. While the clip itself is unchanged, you may want to use ADS Spy to remove the alternate data stream and switch to the beta version of Photo Gallery.

Happy Buddha[bo]
It is election time here in Sweden, so I think it is only appropriate to show an old unpublished photo of a happy Buddha standing right in the middle between two opposing red and blue poles.

Buying a Camera[bp]
Purchase advice for photographers.

After Rain Comes Sunset[bq]
Sunset through rainy window.

Långholmen Macro[br]
Playing around with macro lenses at Långholmen.

Spent the weekend here.

Waterfront Facade[bt]
The ribbed facade of Stockholm Waterfront Building, during night.

Raynox DCR-250[bu]
A review of this macro conversion lens.

Verbena Bonariensis[bv]
Macro photos of Purpletop Vervain at the city hall bridge in Stockholm.


Leaving Jerusalem[bw]
Photo taken out the car window while leaving Jerusalem, near Sakharov Gardens.

Jerusalem Chords Bridge[bx]
The newest addition to the Jerusalem skyline, a cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge at the Ets Haim entrance to the city.

Full Moon at Granholmstoppen[by]
Camping out at the top of Granholmstoppen in order to catch the full moon.

Husby Gård Flower Pot[bz]
Macro photos of flowers in a pot by the road at Husby Gård.

Return to Husby Centrum[ca]
Going back to Husby Centrum for a second round.

Across Järvafältet[cb]
Walking across Järvafältet from Rinkeby to Husby.

The Small Forest[cc]
A macro photography tutorial for users of the Panasonic DMC-TZ7/ZS3, and macro photos of the forest at Järvafältet, near Granholmstoppen, Stockholm.

Photos of Frösunda, the E4 and the SAS Headquarters from Frösundatoppen.

Husby Centrum[ce]
It's like WikiLeaks, only far sillier.

Jenny 1977-2002[cf]
Graffiti memorial to someone who died.

The last raspberries of the season.

Eggeby Gård[ch]
Walking across Järvafältet, I came across this old farm in the middle.

Arabic Tagging[ci]
The first time I see some Arabic graffiti in Sweden.

The Battle for Spain by Antony Beevor[cj]
Review of The Battle for Spain. As good as a history book gets. The encyclopedic information is massive, and skillfully organized and presented.

Victory in Vietnam by The Military History Institute of Vietnam[ck]
Review of the book Victory in Vietnam. Heavy-handed propaganda, but treated as such it offers a great insight in how the war was seen from the North Vietnamese side.

Phonephucker by Tanja Suhinina[cl]
A review of the book Phonephucker by Tanja Suhinina. The book chronicles her experiences in the phone sex business.

Optimal Crop of Rotated Photos[cm]
An algorithm and application for finding the optimal size crop of a rotated photo.

Hagaparken at Night[cn]
Taking a nightly bike ride through Hagaparken in Stockholm.

Straight Outta Israel[co]
Getting in is easy, getting out is hard. An account of my entry into Israel on June 29th, 2010 and exit on July 6, 2010.

Mirrors on the wall at Vapiano Kungsbron.

Photos too yummy to remain unpublished.

Mellanjärva Gård[cr]
Helping a friend move to almost-the-countryside.

Multi-Colored Lamps[cs]
Colored lighting at restaurant Hurry Curry.

St Clara Church, Reflected[ct]
St Clara Church, reflected in a puddle. Shot in March 2010.

Some photos from the center of the world.

Foam Avalanche[cv]
A foam avalanche.

The Davidhall square.

Various photos from Malmö.

The big park in Malmö.

A visit to Rosengård, a part of Malmö, known for its large immigrant population and lately the land of riots.

Sunset at Skanör[da]
Watching the sunset at Skanör harbor.

The southernmost point of Sweden.

Ales Stenar[dc]
The "Ale's Stones".


Kivik harbor.

Brösarps Backar[df]
The Brösarp Hills.

Harlösa BP[dg]
Old-skool BP gas station.

The Sofiero gardens.

Norra Hamnen[di]
The remodeled Northern Harbor area of Helsingborg.

The St Mary Church, Helsingborg.

Remnants of the Helsingborg fortress.

A walk along the Råå.


Desert Cities[dm]
View of the desert cities from Mount San Jacinto. Shot in 2006, assembled into wide-angle view in 2010.

South Manhattan Panorama[dn]
Panorama of southern Manhattan from Empire State Building. Shot in April 2006, assembled in 2010.

Unsynchronized Audio and Video using Panasonic DMC-TZ7/ZS3 AVCHD and FFmpeg[do]
A problem when converting videos from the Panasonic DMC-TZ7/ZS3 using FFmpeg.

Barcelona Light Table[dp]
Random photos from Barcelona.

A small town to the west of Barcelona that is a popular destination for lesbian and gay travellers.

A cava brewery.

Street Art[ds]
Some Barcelona street art - and a couple of "Happy Fishes" - seen on roller shutters and walls.

One of the biggest wineries in Spain.

Jean Leon Winery[du]
A winery.

Bolivian Carneval[dv]
A Bolivian carneval in Barcelona.

Agbar Tower[dw]
Similar to 30 St Mary Axe.

Cable Car Across Port Vell[dx]
Going by cable car across the port.

Inside of the Guru Lounge Club.

Smart marketing - not only do I love the name, I really love the concept that a toy store should have one entrance for the big ones, and one for the little ones.

Head of Barcelona[ea]
The "Head of Barcelona", a sculpture by Roy Lichtenstein.

Casa Batlló[eb]
Gaudi's other house.

Casa Milà (La Pedrera)[ec]
Gaudi's house.

The Museum of Chocolate[ed]

Estació de França[ee]
The second busiest train station in Barcelona.

Santa Maria del Pi[ef]
Interiors of the church of Santa Maria del Pi ("Saint Mary of the Pine Tree").

Sandwich and Friends[eg]
A nice ceiling in the restaurant "Sandwich and Friends" in Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia[eh]
Photos from the cathedral in Barcelona that's been in the works for quite some time now.

Port Vell[ei]
Barcelona's old harbor, rebuilt in 1992.

Parc Güell[ej]
A park designed by Gaudi.

Muy Mucho[ek]
A store with a little bit of everything.

A nice Asian restaurant at the top of Rambla de Catalunya.

Lucifer Take Away[em]
It is tasty, but costs you your soul. An interestingly named take-away restaurant in Barcelona.

El Gat del Raval[en]
A cat statue by Fernando Botero.

Visit to an abbey in the mountains.

Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria[ep]
A market just outside the hotel in the old town of Barcelona.

Panasonic DMC-TZ7/ZS3: 5 vs. 10 MP[eq]
Examining the tradeoffs of shooting in 5MP as opposed to 10MP mode with the Panasonic DMC-TZ7/ZS3.

Klara Sjö[er]
A walk along Klara Sjö ("Lake Klara") in the summer evening.

The Making of "Sunset Over Jezreel Valley"[es]
The new developments in timelapse creation and post-processing.

Sunset Over Jezreel Valley[et]
A timelapse of the sunset over Jezreel Valley, shot from just outside Ahuzat Barak on July 3rd.

IDF Northern Command Keychain[eu]
A present from the IDF.

Plains of Megiddo[ev]
This is where the end of the world will take place.

Mea Shearim[ew]
A visit to the land of very strict Judaism.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre[ex]
The church said to contain Golgotha and the place where Jesus was buried.

Old City Shops[ey]
The shops along the David Street (also known as HaShalshelet) in Jerusalem.

The Western Wall[ez]
The Western ("Wailing") Wall and tunnels.

Jerusalem Streets[fa]
The blocky streets of the Armenian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Mamilla Center[fb]
A shopping mall right outside the Old City of Jerusalem.

Syrian Officers' Pool[fc]
A visit to one of the many Syrian Officers' pools the are scattered over the Golan Heights.

Had Nes[fd]
A visit to the Israeli settlement of Had Nes, in the Golan Heights.

Tel Aviv Harbor[fe]
The beach, nightlife and restaurant district of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv[ff]
A visit to Tel Aviv, the economic center of Israel.

A visit to Katsrin, an Israeli settlement in the Golan Heights.

679th Reserve Armored Brigade Memorial[fh]
Memorial to the 679th Reserve Armored Brigade and their actions during the Yom Kippur War.

Army Area, Ortal[fi]

Merom Golan / Aleika[fj]
View of Syria from the Golan Heights.

Hula Valley[fk]
View of the Hula Valley from kibbutz Misgav Am.

View from an observation post at the Israel-Lebanon border.


A stroll along Tawfiq Ziad, a street in Nazareth.

Afula, Israel[fn]
Visiting the town nearest to Ahuzat Barak.

Ahuzat Barak, Israel[fo]
Arrival in Israel.

n. tourist who makes Israeli security guards nervous by aimlessly wandering around with a camera

Blekholmsterassen at Night[fq]
A midsummer midnight stroll along Blekholmsterassen.

A midsummer's night stroll across Västerbron.

Midsummer 2010[fs]
Midsummer should, by all rights, be the Swedish national holiday.

Finally got the balcony useful.

(Almost) Summer Solstice 2010[fu]
Panorama of the view from my living room, one day past the summer solstice.

Orsjön, Orbaden[fv]
Panorama of Orsjön ("Lake Or") in Orbaden. The photos were taken during midsummer 2004, and assembled into a panorama 2010.

Åsberget, Orbaden[fw]
Panorama from Åsberget, Orbaden, shot during midsummer 2004 and assembled in 2010.

St Johannes Church[fx]
Photos from Sait Johannes (James) Church, Stockholm.

Highway 24 Revisited[fy]
A photo taken along Highway 24 in 2009, but not published until now.

The Fading of Printed Photos[fz]
A model for the fading of printed photos, complete with a small applet to demonstrate the model.

View of Liljeholmen and Hornstull from Årstabron.

Blender FFmpeg H.264 Codec Bug[gb]
Missing qdiff:4 setting causes codec to not initialize.

HTML 5 Video[gc]
Notes on delivering video via HTML 5's "video" tag.

Video Editing With Blender[gd]
Notes on video production in general and with Blender in particular.

...And There Was Light![ge]
It took almost two years, but it was worth the wait.

Fixed Focus[gf]
A feature that I'd sure like to see.

Old Family Photo[gg]
Who are these people?

On Image Editing[gh]
My humble opinion on the editing of photos in general, and photos of people in particular.

Järvafältet Nature Reserve[gi]
A day among ants.


You, Me and SVG[gj]
An overview of the sad state of SVG, in particular, the lousy support it has in browsers.

Cherry Blossoms in Kungsträdgården[gk]
Cherry blossoms in Stockholm.

View from the top of Hammarby hill.

A stroll through the Nacka nature preserve, in the south-east of Stockholm.


Paint it White[gn]
Repainting my apartment.


Stockholm Ice Age[go]
The winter 2009/2010 has been one of the coldest ones in quite a while.

Romme Alpin[gp]
One mighty fine day of skiing.

The Office[gq]
Best office ever. Well, until the next one...

Centralbron, Stockholm[gr]
Photos from Centralbron (the bridge connecting the northern and southern parts of Stockholm).

Nightfall from Monteliusvägen 2[gs]
Second attempt at a timelapse video from Monteliusvägen. This time I got more of the night, and the battery lasted twice as long.

Timelapse With the Panasonic TZ7[gt]
Best settings for shooting timelapses with the TZ7.


Various Photos From Last Spring[gu]
Three photos from last year that, for some reason, were not finished and published.

Nightfall from Monteliusvägen[gv]
Timelapse of nightfall as seen from Monteliusvägen.

Panorama from Skinnarviksberget, the highest point in central Stockholm.

A candle.

Going Gray[gy]
Experimenting with high ISO, black and white photography at night.

Recoding AVCHD[gz]
Error measurement when recoding Panasonic TZ7 AVCHD movies with FFmpeg.

Castillo de San Marcos[ha]
A fort built to protect Saint Augustine from, among other things, English pirates.

Saint Augustine Cathedral[hb]
The big church.

Saint Photios[hc]
A shrine dedicated to the first Greeks to attempt colonization in America.

Tapas restaurant built inside an old cathedral.

Eating Alligator[he]
If you can't see them, taste them.