Nightfall from Monteliusvägen 2

Nightfall from Monteliusvägen 2

Second attempt at a timelapse video from Monteliusvägen. This time I got more of the night, and the battery lasted twice as long.

As usual, the cheap and lean timelapse machine[a] worked flawlessly.

If you find two movies of the same scene boring, at least your punishment has been cut by a factor of 120.

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Music: Ambiphonic[b] by Zeropage[c]. The music, and this movie, is released under the CC-BY[d] license.

The timelapse was made from 5707 photos, shot over 1h38m, totalling 2.25GB. From those, a lossless h264 timelapse was created, which, encoded as a 1080p AVI takes up 924MB. After brightening, adding music etc, the final cut of the movie is 869MB of lossless h264.



Monteliusvägen, Video

2010-02-01 16:57