...And There Was Light!

...And There Was Light!

When I moved into my apartment there were - as expected - no lights. I quickly got the lights up in the study and the bedroom, but the other rooms required some drilling into the ceiling. Since I had no impact drill I just filed the whole project under "later".

The problems soon became apparent. As soon as it turned dark outside - and trust me, in Sweden during winter, that is pretty much all the time - my hallway became a pitch black hole of darkness. Having guests over was fine, until it was time for them to go home. Then I had to send them down a corridor of darkness with the promise that "the door is at the end, just keep walking straight ahead".

Come to think of it, had this been the US, I would probably have been sued already.

But no more! My new lamp shines with the strength of a thousand suns!

2010-06-14 17:02

Vattugatan 15