Husby Centrum

Husby Centrum

After crossing Järvafältet I came to Husby Centrum, the central square in Husby. I was born here, grew up here and lived here for 27 years. Someone with a bluetooth headset who claims to be from the local business association[a] asks me what I'm doing there and tells me I need a permit to take photos. I tell him I'm here to see my mom and that my understanding is that while standing on a public street, I can take photos of anything I like that isn't designated a specially protected object[b], such as a military installation. In that case, there would be signs all over telling me that I wasn't allowed to take pictures.[1] The man with the headset suddenly had no idea about what rules, or laws, or anything we were operating under, so we split, agreeing to disagree.

Fruit stand at Husby Centrum square, Stockholm, Sweden.

You'll have to go to WikiLeaks to find the price of watermelon here.

2010-08-19 18:01

Husby Centrum



Vad får man fotografera? -[c]