2006 Archive

2006 Archive


Salzburg, Austria[a]
Visiting Mozart.

A mountain just south of Salzburg.

Merry Christmas![c]
My ultra mobile Christmas tree.

The south will rise again, just not where and how you expected it to.

Old Danube[e]
Part of the old danube river - now a crescent-shaped lake in north-eastern Vienna.

Hundertwasser II: The House.

Inner city observatory.

The straight line is godless and immoral.


Ich bin noch'n Wiener - Karlsplatz[i]
One year later.

Part of the Donauau National Park.

An old part of the Danube river in the 22nd district.

There's not just a "Stavanger Street" in Stockholm, there's one here in Vienna, too.

Shiny New Toy[m]
Cure for the bird that flies backwards - it knows where it has been but not where it's going.

Life in the fast lane.

Vienna Light Table[o]
Random pictures from Vienna.

Bratislava, Slovakia[p]
A loved child has many names.

Austria's Grand Canyon.


Stockholm Light Table[r]
Random pictures from Stockholm.

H.C. Strache, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love FPÖ[s]
This message approved by...

Pictures taken flying from Vienna to Stockholm.

Adventures in HDR[u]
High Dynamic Range.

Trip Summary: California[v]
All in all, really nice.

Venice Beach and Marina del Rey, CA[w]
Just a single canal, but we make the most of it.

Santa Monica, CA[x]
Chillin' and illin'.

Santa Barbara, CA[y]
On the doorstep of LA.

Solvang, CA[z]
Denmark without the Danes.

Madonna Inn[aa]
Inn with a twist.

Coast Gallery[ab]
When the gallery outshines the works it showcases.

Pacific Coast Highway, South (Part II)[ac]
Hills and bends.

I drive one.

17 Mile Drive[ae]
A vast improvement over the previous 16 mile drive.

Santa Cruz, CA[af]
Sea lions love it.

Pacific Coast Highway, South[ag]
Going back.


Imperial Tea Court[ah]
Tea time.

1 billion+ people can't be wrong.

San Francisco, CA[aj]
Up and down and up and down.

Prettier than the average park.

Laguna Beach Party[al]
Party chix.

Power in the hands of a few.

Top of the Poetry[an]
Poetry at the Top of the World

Dana Point, CA[ao]
First stop.

Temecula Valley[ap]
Back into the bottle.

Outbound Flight[aq]
Trippin' to the USA.

London Light Table[ar]
Random photos.

Museum and Library of Freemasonry[as]
See you at the lodge.

Owned by the dad of the dead lover of a dead princess.

Hyde Park[au]
Home to the Serpentine Gallery.

Canary Wharf[av]
Rags to riches.

Science Museum[aw]
Photos from the Science Museum in London.

Natural History Museum[ax]
The Earth has been around for a while.

Church of the Holy Trinity[ay]
If Robot Jesus built a church.

Austrian fashion.

Big, imposing buildings.


Light Table[bb]
Random photos.


Home Improvement[bc]
Relatively speaking.

Statues in Vienna[bd]
They'll probably still be there when you get there.

Sweden from Above[be]
A top level article.

Deutsche Kirche[bf]
Pictures from the German Church in Stockholm.

Stockholm Old Town[bg]
Some pictures from the "Old Town" of Stockholm.

Friends with real estate benefits.

4th of July[bi]
Awaken your inner Yank, part II.

Imperial War Museum[bj]
The essence of war is violence and moderation in war is imbecility.

British Museum[bk]
Lots of stuff, categorized.

Sheldon Square[bl]
Pimp pad number 1.

Grand Union Canal[bm]
Row, row, row your boat.

Paddington Basin[bn]
Couldn't find a single bear here.

It's big.


Urlaub mitten in Wien!

Copa Cagrana[bq]
A place named after a musical named after a song named after a nightclub named after a district named after a city in Bolivia. More or less.

It's not everyone that get to be stoned by St. Paul.

Biking to Vienna[bs]
How to shrink-wrap (sorta) a bike for air transport, a guide for the rest of us.

It takes a while, but you'll get there eventually.

The Visitors[bu]
You'll hardly notice us being there.


Vienna from Above[bv]
Going up to Leopoldberg north of Vienna.

Back in Vienna[bw]
Back again.


Hahvahd Aftah Dahk[bx]
"In the Hub of the Universe, (originally the solar system), which Boston was until sometime around 1807, it is always about the past, and we assume that you were here for all of it."

New York, NY[by]
New York, New York

Boston, MA[bz]
It all started here.

Freedom Trail[ca]
Awake your inner Yank.

Charlotte, NC[cb]
The Queen City

Linville Gorge[cc]
The Grand Canyon of North Carolina.

Charleston, SC[cd]
The town that Sherman missed.

Wild Onion?[ce]
The Big Apple, midwest style.

Meigs Field[cf]
Pour some avgas on the curb. A visit to the airport immortalized in Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.

Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe[cg]

Sears Tower[ch]
Going up?

Chicago, IL[ci]
The Windy City. Now just where can I find a real mafioso pasta restaurant?

Maui Mythology[cj]
What's behind the name.

Commercial capital of Maui

Queen Ka'ahumanu[cl]

Maui Summary[cm]
Packing for Chicago.

Road to Hana[cn]
I brake for lunch. Following Highway 360 around the north of Maui.

Oneuli Beach[co]
A black sand beach.

Iao Valley[cp]
Amazing valley just a few minutes away from Kahului.

The Road South[cq]
Following Highway 31 south from Maui's Winery.

Maui's Winery[cr]
Pineapple wine from the middle of the pacific. A visit to the only winery on the little island of Maui.

Bad Ass Coffee Company[cs]
Are you a bad enough dude to get your latte there?

"Luau" is the Hawaiian word for "party" - featuring entertainment and crazy amounts of food - and the Royal Lahainan Luau is not an exception.

Ride Down the Volcano[cu]
Coasting down the highway from Haleakala on a bike.

Hawaii (Big) Island[cv]
Taking a day trip to Hawaii Island from Maui.

Arriving on the small island of Maui, part of Hawaii.

Unpleasant side effect of thin air and strong sunlight.

The United States (or part of it) by Car[cy]
Lessons learned when doing a five-day auto trip.

Expedia in Anger[cz]
It works surprisingly well, but you must be quick on the trigger.

Huntington Beach[da]
Pictures from the surfing capital of the world.

Palm Springs[db]
View of the desert city from Mount San Jacinto.

I-17 South[dc]
Going from Flagstaff over Phoenix to Palm Springs.

Montezuma Well[dd]
A sinkhole used as a well and homestead.

Petrified Forest[de]
Stone, sand and not much more.

Meteor Crater[df]
When Bruce Willis and his gang of oil drillers can't be found.

Grand Canyon[dg]
It would take 500 years to fill it with concrete, but you'd be able to park 400 million cars there when you're done.

Following the scenic 89A from Flagstaff south.

Santa Monica, CA[di]
Going to the People's Republic of Santa Monica to see what the comrades are up to.

The Irvine Spectrum[dj]
They sure know how to build malls in the US of A.

A really small town by the freeway near Flagstaff, AZ.

When they said there wasn't anything here, they meant it.

Fight Like a Girl[dm]
Nicola is doing Kung Fu. (Everyone stand back.)

Los Angeles from Above[dn]
Pictures taken during descent to Los Angeles Airport.

The Prophet of Laguna Beach[do]
You are never a prohet in your home town, and this is no exception.

Americans and their Cars[dp]
Wheels, man.

Ain't Nobody Like the Lord[dq]
A "gospel brunch" at the House of Blues.


Aliso and Wood Canyons[dr]
Wilderness park in the south of Orange County.

Coachella Valley Preserve[ds]
Hiking all over the Coachella Valley Preserve.

Jason & Oscar[dt]
Pandemic Quests.

Miranda Frigon[du]
Where did the obnoxious songs go?

Brixen im Thale is connected to Kitzbühel via Westendorf.


Brixen im Thale[dw]
Arriving in the little Tyrolean alp village.

Pictures from the Swiss Alps.

Pictures from Stockholm, for the SoCal gang.

Typical Traffic[dz]
Typical traffic on the interstate freeways, here exemplified by the I-15 / Highway 91 interchange near Corona.

Red Rock Canyon[ea]
A hike through Red Rock Canyon.

The "Sierra" Fire in Orange County[eb]
When a controlled burn stops being that.

Los Angeles by Dusk[ec]
Pictures taken taking off from Los Angeles International airport.

A Foggy Sunset at the Top of the World[ed]
Pictures taken from the "top of the world" behind Laguna Beach during a foggy day.


Jeremy's Trading Post[ee]
Sometimes you run into a place that makes you wonder if you are really asleep and dreaming.

Zzyzx Road[ef]
Driving on the I-15 to or frm Las Vegas, you can't avoid noticing the sign for "Zzyzx Rd".

Las Vegas[eg]
Weekend trip to Las Vegas.

New Pad[eh]
My new apartment at Kaiserstrasse 47-49 / 9

Pictures of Vienna[ei]
Some more pictures of Vienna, taken at the Augarten park and the Museum Quarter (Museumsquartier).

La Linea (Linus på linjen)[ej]
I never thought I'd see this one again...

Augarten Flakturm[ek]
Pictures of the anti-aircraft artillery tower in Augarten, Vienna.

Gurudetsingh Singh[el]
Gurudetsingh Singh and his soccer career.

Every Dog Has His Day (Americans, part II)[em]
Every Dog Has His Day - pictures of the people "over there" that I know.

Romeo Juliet One[en]
A few words and pictures about RJ1, or the commander of the first mechanized company of the 10th Mechanized Brigade in 1998.