Jason & Oscar
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Jason & Oscar

While seeing Miranda, I met two of Irene's former coworkers from Quicksilver[a] - Jason and Oscar.

Jason Kruse

Jason created, writes and draws The World of Quest[b], which was picked up by Warner Brothers for being turned into an animated series. (Unfortunately budget cuts stopped production, but the options WB have end this August.) The story is described thusly:

In the land of Odyssia, former hero Quest unwillingly becomes the bodyguard to Prince Nestor, a young smart-alec who knows the whereabouts of a mystic dagger that is the key to ultimate power. Together, they'll face creatures, bounty hunters and other evils vying for the weapon. In the meantime, they'll have to deal with each other.

The website has the episode Prison Break[c] up. Go on, you know you want to read it.

Oscar Guzman

This guy will be joining Pandemic Studios[d] shortly, which means he'll be spliting his time between making art for them and doing pinups for The World of Quest. A sample of his artwork can be seen on the last two pages[e] of the "Prison Break" episode.