Miranda Frigon

Miranda Frigon

"We're going to go see this Canadian girl, Miranda[a], perform up in LA this Friday. You want to join? She has some very obnoxious songs, so you'll like it.", asked Irene[b].

I may have other plans, but sure, sounds fun.

"Turns out Shane [Irene's husband] has been asked to play the bass", she said later. Which gave him about two days to learn all Miranda's songs.

I have to see that.

So Shane had stuffed his iPod full of her songs and put the earplugs in his ears, going for the full mental-programming. Fortunately the guy is like a sponge when it comes to picking up melodies, and as can be seen here - had no problems playing.

2006-03-18 05:36

Key Club

The rest of the band is here - from left to right we have Shane (again), Miranda and Daniel.

2006-03-18 05:26

Key Club

The show was quite good.

2006-03-18, updated 2007-03-12