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Home Improvement

To misquote Arlo Guthrie[a]:

So we took screwdrivers and hammers and implements of destruction and headed on to Ikea.

Curtains and Carpets and Lights

2006-07-29 18:59

Kaiserstrasse 47-49/9

Finally we (make that Mona) found some lamp shades and curtains that could be installed without too much technical skills.


IKEA has some cool plush toys. Among them a shark[b]. Tony and Mona thought we looked so good together that they bought one for me.

What to name it, then? Well, there seems to be a trend in naming sharks [c] after a certain Australian actress[d]. But since I want to maintain good relations with similarly[e] named[f] people, the name is simply "Shark".

2006-07-28 21:54

Kaiserstrasse 47-49/9

Trying to be a blog shark.

Swimming around on the Sofa Sea.

2006-07-28 22:02

Kaiserstrasse 47-49/9

2006-07-29, updated 2007-12-23