Pictures of Vienna

Pictures of Vienna

Some more pictures of Vienna, taken at the Augarten park and the Museum Quarter (Museumsquartier).


More pictures from Augarten and surroundings.

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The Votivkirche in Vienna is one of the most important neo-Gothic religious architectural sites in the world. Located on Ringstrasse in the district of Alsergrund close to the University of Vienna, the origin of the church has an unusual history derived from a knife-attack on Emperor Franz Joseph by Hungarian nationalist János Libényi. The emperor was taking a stroll with one of his officers Count Maximilian O'Donell on a city-bastion, when Libényi approached him. He immediately struck the emperor from behind with a knife straight at the neck. Franz Joseph almost always wore a uniform, which had a high collar that almost completely enclosed the neck. It so happened that the collar of his uniform was made out of very sturdy material. Even though Franz Joseph was wounded and bleeding, this collar basically saved his life.

After the unsuccessful attack on February 18, 1853, Franz Joseph's brother Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph, the later emperor of Mexico, called upon the community for donations to a new church on the site of the attack. The church was to be a Votivgabe (a thank-you present to God) for the rescue of Franz Joseph.

(...) Construction began in 1856, and it was dedicated twenty-six years later on April 24, 1879, the occasion of the silver jubilee of the royal couple.

- Wikipedia[a]

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The Museums Quarter[b] lies in the easternmost end of the 7th district of Vienna, just on the edge of the first district. It is a fairly new addition to the city. The construction started in 1998 with the renovation of the old court stables, and the MQ opened in summer-autumn 2001. More background can be found at Wikipedia[c].

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Kaiserstrasse 47-49

This is where I live.

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