Gurudetsingh Singh

Gurudetsingh Singh

While flying from Stockholm to Frankfurt on my way to Vienna I sat next to a man from Strängnäs - Sukhdev Singh. He was on his way to Brazil, where his son - Gurudetsingh Singh - was enrolled in a soccer school, and he was about to go through qualifications for various teams.

The son had come to him when he was six years old and said "Dad, I'm going to be a pro soccer player." "Oh well" had been Sukhdev's reaction to that. Then the kid went on to juggle a soccer ball for an hour and do all sorts of tricks.

They ended up going to Brazil to enroll in a soccer school. Here's Sukhdev, wearing the jacket of Esporte Clube Vitória.

2006-01-10 20:10


The teams they were applying for were: