Expedia in Anger

Expedia in Anger

A week and a half ago I first used Expedia[a] in anger. I had planned on driving across the USA, but as one person told me "that will be pretty damn boring most of the time", I decided to see what the price would be to fly across the USA, stopping at the fun places only.

So I went to Expedia. Some lessons learned:

  • Register, get an account. Being able to have an itinerary is required for advanced use of the site. You'll be able to tweak your trip much more.

  • You can book trips of any complexity by first setting up your flight route, and then attaching rental cars and / or hotels to the points where you stop.

  • As soon as you have finalized your dates and your flights, book them. I could have flown for $680, but ended up paying $1100 because I was slow to book. Learning by pain...

But it looks like it'll rain every day I'm in Maui, so I guess you get what you pay for...