Back in Vienna
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Back in Vienna

Back in Vienna after two months of being in the United States. I spent the first weeks playing a new game called Slacker:

  • The purpose of this game is simply to stay alive. That in itself will be enough of a challenge and besides, if you're playing this game you don't have your sights set too high anyway.

  • Each day you have a fixed set of action points that you can spend on certain activities.

  • The limited number of action points that you have means that you can't do everything you plan on doing each day. For example, you can't both shower and eat during the same 24 hour period.

  • If your heart rate goes above 30 you die from over-excitement.

  • Speaking costs action points depending on the length of the sentence and the complexity of the information or concept you're trying to express. Anything more complex than stating your name will eat up 75% of your action points.

An expansion set will feature multiplayer (of course with massive lag).

This picture has nothing to do with Vienna - it is from the hotel I stayed at in Los Angeles before flying out to London. I would have included it in an entry of its own, but I don't have enough action points for doing so.

2006-05-02 22:46

USA Grand Tour 2006, Vienna

From left to right: The view out of my window, the Burggasse / Stadthalle subway station at night and a picture taken from the Donauinsel.

2006-05-10 10:49

USA Grand Tour 2006, Vienna

2006-05-16 21:38

USA Grand Tour 2006, Vienna

2006-05-16 19:53

USA Grand Tour 2006, Vienna