Maui Summary

Maui Summary

Time to summarize the Maui stay before boarding a plane for LA and then Chicago.


Best title:

Kahuna kalai wa'a. Meaning "master craftsman", I'll insist on this one for my next job.

Best cafe:

Bad Ass Coffee Company, Queen Ka'ahumanu Center

Best radio station:

The Point 101.1

Best food:

Whole grilled pig

Things I'd Like to Find Out

  • How much of Maui land is owned by native Hawaiians?

  • What is the average social group of native Hawaiians compared to non-natives?

  • Were the Hawaiian islands colonized by a single "mother" island civilization, or did multiple, competing islands send expeditions to the islands?

  • If colonized by a single source, why did the islands break up into feuding kingdoms?

  • Now that the whole economy of Maui is being completely dominated by the visitor industry, will the islands fossilize as quaint reminders of polynesian culture circa 1800 and nothing more?