Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum

The essence of war is violence and moderation in war is imbecility

— Lord Macaulay, 1831

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

— Shakespeare

(...) Shakespeare was right about "few" and wrong about "happy."

David Drake[a]

2006-07-04 15:19

Imperial War Museum, London 2006-06

Large photograph at the entrance to the World War I and II sections of the museum.

Thw "War Clock" counts the dead in armed conflicts around the globe. Armed warfare managed to rack up 100 million dead during the 20th century, which translates to about two dead every minute. The clock was reset to 100 million on the eve of the new millennium and has been counting deaths at that rate ever since.

2006-07-04 15:21

Imperial War Museum, London 2006-06

2006-07-04 15:23

Imperial War Museum, London 2006-06

Signs in the trenches of World War I showed the way to company headquarters, important points etc. Mostly the sections of trench were named after nearby villages or landmarks. Obviously someone thought that more descriptive names were called for.

I have no idea.

2006-07-04 16:04

Imperial War Museum, London 2006-06