When I booked my rental car I chose "Pontiac Grand Prix or equivalent". When I came to pick it up they were all out of Grand Prix:es and the Hertz guy gave me a choice - I could have a Ford Taurus or a Mustang.

Sorry Hertz dude. I never meant to sound ungrateful. You threw pearls before a swine.

"I'll let you have the Mustang for the same price! Deal or no deal?"


"Deal, right?"

You sure you don't have any Grand Prix? Ok, deal.

So I ended up driving a Mustang.

2006-09-27 09:11

California 2006, Ortega Highway

2006-09-29 09:32

California 2006, Ortega Highway

Despite what the sports car appearance would lead you to believe, I got about 26 miles per gallon out of it (which translates to about 9 liters / 100km) which has to be considered acceptable.