2014 Archive

2014 Archive


The Milky Way Seen From the Redwood Coast[a]
...and then the stars came out. A panorama I shot a year ago but hadn't processed until now.

Winter Camel[b]
What do you do when you come up with a photo idea at about ten p.m? Well, I was obviously not going to be able to sleep on it, so I went out to Husby Gård to see if I could realize my idea to let Camella play in the snow a bit.

The Longest Night[c]
The middle of the longest night.

Kitchen Orchid At It Again[d]
The little kitchen orchid is in bloom again!

Light a Candle[e]
Candles lit for the murdered in the Peshawar school attack.

NEF To DNG Conversion[f]
An examination of what Adobe's DNG Converter does to the image and its metadata.

A Camella Christmas[g]
A camel walks across the desert, following a new star... Merry Christmas, all!

Stockholm City Station[h]
A commuter train station under construction.

The Occasionally Starry Sky[i]
Byproducts of attempts at astrophotography with the AZ Goto mount.

Full Moon Advent[j]
The full moon was up, and I wanted some Christmas-y photos.

(Almost) First Sunday of Advent at Husby Gård[k]
...the Saturday before, that is.

Selfridges Christmas Decorations[l]
Fairy-tale inspired Christmas decorations.

Entrance to St Christopher's Place[m]
The tiny hole-in-the-wall entrance to St Christopher's Place from Oxford Street.

London Heathrow Approach[n]
View from the window as we approach LHR for landing.

Night in the IBM Forest[o]
A night in the forest near the little jogging track.

(Temple of) NOD[p]
A shiny new office building.

Converting an Alt-Azimuth Mount to Equatorial[q]
So you bought an altitude-azimuth mount and now you're sad because while it will track stars, there is a field rotation effect that results in star trails around the image center. Fear not. You can convert it to an equatorial mount with a tripod.

Wanderers by Erik Wernquist[r]
A vision of humanity exploring the solar system.

6000 oil-painted frames.


An Example of Code Optimization for Performance[t]
How performance optimizations usually proceed.

Tail-Callable Optimization for Work Sets[u]
A way to prevent wasting threads when processing work sets.

Overnight Bread Rolls[v]
Bread rolls that can be prepared in the evening and then finished in the morning for a great addition to the breakfast.

A Dismissal of the Go Programming Language[w]
Was originally intended to be a critique, but then I realized I can't be bothered to try it.

Helgeandsholmen by Night[x]
Helgeandsholmen, the site of the Swedish Riksdag Building.

Here/Now at Artipelag[y]
A visit to Artipelag and the exhibition HÄR/NU (HERE/NOW).

A Royal Sunset[z]
The weather hasn't been all that, but the overcast combined with the setting sun served up a royal purple sunset.

Developing for Infrastructure-as-a-Service[aa]
Some lessons learned from developing for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Services.

Google Compute Engine vs. Amazon EC2[ab]
My immediate observations after 57 hours with Google Compute Engine, coming from an Amazon EC2 background

Ten Years![ac]
...1226 articles and 5682 images!

Glowing Autumn Leaves[ad]
I know leaves aren't the most interesting thing in the world, but I just love it when they glow in the late afternoon or evening sun.

Autumn Walks Among Rowanberries[ae]
A walkabout on Järvafältet near Akalla, Husby and Kista - with lots of rowanberries.

The Various Colors of The Sergels Torg Obelisk and Fountain[af]
Experiments in white balance.

All Saints' Day at The Woodland Cemetery[ag]

Överjärva Gård at Night[ah]
Night at the farm in the city.

Autumn Sunset at Riksbron[ai]
A sunset.

Sunset and Moonrise in the Center of the City[aj]
The sun sets and the moon rises in the concrete canyons.

Autumn Colors in Humlegården[ak]
A sunny day in the middle of weeks of overcast, and the trees took the opportunity to show off their autumn colors.

Starry Nights in Kymlinge[al]
A pair of starry nights in Kymlinge.

Pumpkins at Hötorget[am]
Everyone is getting ready for Halloween.

Kymlinge Ghost Station[an]
A visit to the cursed ghost station.

St. James's Church[ao]
The inside of the church.

Anti-Daesh Demonstration[ap]
A demonstration against Daesh.

Tensta Water Tower[aq]
It's visible from just about everywhere on Järvafältet, so I figured I should go there.

Autumn is Here[ar]
...in case anybody missed it.

Dona Hariri at Kista Library[as]
Dona Hariri comes to Kista library to talk about her life and law.

Kista Bus Station[at]
The bus station under the subway platform.

Stockholm Jewish Film Festival[au]
The opening film.

Morning in Kista[av]
Sunrise behind Kista Science Tower.

Kista Runestone (U75, RAÄ Spånga 164:1)[aw]
Another one of Vistäte's works.

An evening at Stureplan.

St. Clara Church in Autumn[ay]
Like this, during autumn, I just want to run up to and hug St. Clara Church!

Rinkeby Interchange[az]
A new highway junction.

Eggeby Runestone (U69, RAÄ Spånga 153:1)[ba]
The oldest runestone on Järvafältet.

Spånga Cemetery[bb]
A moonlit night at Spånga cemetery.


I spent a Sunday of "mead fueled berzerker coding", and the result after about ten hours is a site with a lot of runes.

Husby Rune Stone (U74, RAÄ Spånga 80:1)[bd]
When preparing the previous entry, about the stele by Husby Gård, I realized I hadn't published any photos of the nearby rune stone except for a close-up. Here it is: The Husby Rune Stone.

RAÄ Spånga 80:2, Stele[be]
A grave marker across the road from the Husby rune stone (U74).

Sunset From Katarinahissen[bf]
A sunset seen from the Katarina Elevator by Slussen.

Kulturhuset And The Obelisk[bg]
Kulturhuset reflected in the fountain around the Sergels Torg glass obelisk at night.

A Moonlit Night in Kymlinge[bh]
An expedition to test dark fram subtraction, scout out a new photo site, and perhaps get some good shots with me home.

Noise Removal Using Dark Frame Subtraction And Median Blur[bi]
How to remove hot pixel noise from images in Photoshop using a median-blurred copy of the image to interpolate the missing image data.


My Home, My Image by Saadia Hussain[bj]
The largest collective mural painting in Sweden. Art direction by Saadia Hussain, who coordinated approximately 300 participants. The theme is stories about the area, as told by the locals.

Anita Sarkeesian is Awesome[bk]
...or, why the tech industry in general and the gaming industry in particular need an outside perspective.

Stabilizer For Less[bl]
Fast, cheap... sounds good to me. A companion to the Monopod for Less.

Honey Times Five[bm]
Stocking up on honey from Bee Urban for the winter.

A Foggy Night at Järvafältet[bn]
A late evening walk across Järvafältet.

Lay Down a Stone by Saadia Hussain[bo]
The finished Lay Down a Stone sculpture.

Lay Down One More Stone[bp]
Some more stones for the sculpture.

Sunset at the Allotments by Husby Gård[bq]
I made a beeline for a place where I saw that the end of the Golden Hour was in full swing.

Texas Sunrise[br]
Thirteen hours of driving and one sunset.

National World War II Museum[bs]

Tremé is the neighborhoond bordering the French Quarter to the north-west.

French Quarter[bu]
The French Quarter, or Vieux Carré (Old Square) is the oldest part of New Orleans and the nucleus around which it grew.

New Orleans Street Art[bv]
Street art seen while walking through downtown New Orleans.

Dusk and Dawn by the River[bw]
Sunset and sunrise.

Grateful Labors by Wayne Amedee[bx]
A statue.

New Orleans Museum of Art[by]
A visit to the NOMA.

Flowers Outside the New Orleans Museum of Art[bz]
The art inside may be nice, but the art outside is even nicer!

Approaching New Orleans[ca]
Exiting the I-10 to refuel, I noticed the beautiful sunset and moonrise happening. I parked the car, grabbed my camera bag and rushed to capture it.

Crossing the Bayous[cb]
Crossing a sea of grass and water.

Welcome to Mississippi[cc]
Welcome to Mississippi.

Approaching Mobile[cd]
A view of a jetty and a battleship.

National Naval Aviation Museum[ce]
Lots of planes and boats.

Big Rain Cloud[cf]
Der Wolkenkönig, a big rain cloud.

Florida Caverns[cg]
Above-ground exploration of the Florida caverns.

Jewish Museum of Florida[ch]
A visit to the Jewish museum.

Miami Airport Rainbow[ci]
A rainbow corridor situated in the MIA people mover terminal.


Sunrise at Kastellholmen[cj]
Getting up early to "add some red".

Track Remains[ck]
Two years and some development later.

The River Thames by Osney Bridge[cl]
Boats on the Thames.

Fourth of July[cm]
Celebrating the Fourth of July with friends.

Kitchen Orchid in Full Bloom[cn]
The kitchen orchid is going full tilt!

A Sliver of Summer[co]
Summer is not here yet, but here's a little glimpse of it.

The Light Is On in the Hop On-Hop Off Hut[cp]
The rest of the city may be sleeping, but the light is on in the little hop on - hop off hut.

Preparations for ÅF Offshore Race 2014[cq]
Workmen prepare the stands for the boat race.

Sunset at Säbysjön[cr]
Sunset at Säbysjön.

Raspberry Time![cs]
Getting some berries from my little twig of a raspberry bush.

The End of The Longest Day[ct]
The longest day is over, time for the shortest night of the year!

A Ljusterö Midsummer[cu]
The next to longest day of the year, spent on Ljusterö with family and friends.

Sunset at Hägerstalund[cv]
The sun sets at Hägerstalund.

Kista Seen From Hansta[cw]
Akalla and Kista Science Tower seen from a hill in Hansta Nature Reserve.

Rain Over Hägerstalund[cx]
Getting caught in the rain.


Cherry Blossoms in Akalla[cy]
Showing the cherry blossoms outside of Kungsträdgården some appreciation.

My Kitchen Orchid is Blooming[cz]
The orchid I've had in my kitchen for quite some time has decided to bloom.

Farsta Strand[da]
Farsta Strand at night.

A summer night's walk through Gubbängen.

A sunset at Hökarängstoppen.


A Summer Night in Akalla[dd]
A summer night walk through Akalla, in the north-west of Stockholm.

The View From Katarinabron[de]
View from Katarinabron over Södermalmtorg at dusk.

The Last Cherry Blossoms of 2014[df]
The last cherry blossoms of this year, floating around in the fountains at Brunkebergstorg.

Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Autumn 2013[dg]
My "E Pluribus Unum" approach to designing covers.

Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Spring 2014[dh]
Procedural generation of a cover for the end-of-semester student shows at Layali Oriental Dance Academy.

Blue Line 11[di]
Long exposure photos from the subway train.


City Hall And The Moon[dj]
Stockholm City Hall seen with the moon nearby.

City Hall At Night[dk]
The Stockholm City Hall seen at night.

Kista Science Tower And The Moon[dl]
Kista Science Tower at night, with the moon nearby.

Colored Light In Hjulsta[dm]
I noticed these colorful streetlights when walking from Hjulsta across Järvafältet to Husby. Couldn't resist taking photos of this mini-disco...

City Hall During the Blue Hour[dn]
Stockholm City Hall seen during the blue hour.

The Sun Through Kista Science Tower[do]
The sun seen through Kista Science Tower.

Abandoned Field Telephone Socket[dp]
An abandoned field telephone socket, built into a concrete block, from the time when Järvafältet was a military training ground.

Melody Farshin at Kista Library[dq]
Melody Farshin is interviewed by Hassan Alavi at Kista Library about her life growing up in Husby and her career as a stand-up comedian.


Eldfesten / Chaharshanbe Suri 2014[dr]
Give me your red for my pale.

Monopod For Less[ds]
A $2 stable shooting platform suitable for use in a crowd of twenty thousand jumping party goers.

Moving Shot Stabilization in Blender[dt]
How to filter the motion tracking data to handle handle moving shots.

Multi-Camera Sync[du]
How to synchronize multiple strips using the audio track.

AHIncr: The Oddest Little Magic Function[dv]
A description of the oddest little function I've ever come across.


Kealia Trail[dw]
A hike.

Café Haleiwa[dx]
A great cafe for breakfast and brunch.

Lifeforce by Andromeda Software Development[dy]
Another great demo, and the one that made me take a look at the demo scene again.

Calcifer by Still[dz]
I find demos entertaining to look at. But every now and then, one comes along that just blows me away.

SFO Sunset[ea]
One last sunset.

Aloha, Hawaii[eb]
Leaving Hawaii.

Lahaina Sunset[ec]
Last sunset then out.

South Side Maui[ed]
Following Highway 31 and seeing if I can get a little farther than last time.

Return To Iao Valley[ee]
Back in the valley.

Haleakala Sunrise[ef]
Survival of the well dressed.

Nu'uanu Pali[eg]
A cliff

Valley Of The Temples[eh]
A valley with temples.

Green Sea Turtle[ei]
A green sea turtle seen in the water.

Pacific Aviation Museum[ej]
A museum with airplanes.

Mighty Mo[ek]
USS Missouri (BB-63), called "Mighty Mo" or "Big Mo".

USS Bowfin[el]
The only submarine to have torpedoed a bus.

USS Arizona Memorial[em]
The USS Arizona Memorial

Pearl Harbor Visitor Center[en]
Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

End Of The Road[eo]
When the road ends in the middle of nowhere on a map of Oahu, there's nothing wrong with the map.

Sunset Beach[ep]
A sunset at, well, sunset beach. Seriously, what else do you expect to see here?

Morning Flight At Arcata Bay[eq]
The morning flight of birds from inland to the water.

The View From Russian Hill[er]
Looking out over San Francisco.

Palace of Fine Arts[es]
A visit to the palace.

Berkeley City Club[et]
I tried this new app - Hotel Tonight - and got a pretty good deal.

Sunset At The Redwood Coast[eu]
...and then the stars came out.

Hideout Saloon[ev]
My God, it's full of dollar bills!

Can't Get Enough of Yosemite[ew]
The road trip continues. Next stop Yosemite!

Bett's Gold Coin[ex]
An old gold-digger saloon.

The Road To (And From) Yosemite[ey]
A sunrise seen on the way to Yosemite, and a photo taken on the way back.

Sunset at The Coast Gallery[ez]
A magnificent sunset at the Coast Gallery.

Waiting For The Sunset At The Coast Gallery[fa]
End of the day. Now to look at some art, have some coffee, and wait for the sun to set against the pacific horizon.

The Sea by Garrapata State Park[fb]
View of the sea and the hills where the Pacific Coast Highway passes by Garrapata State Park.

Video Stabilization With Blender[fc]
How to use Blender's motion tracking to stabilize video clips.

Inlet Thrust[fd]
How a supersonic jet vehicle gains thrust from its inlets.


Seal Teams One to Five[fe]
Seals by the Santa Cruz Wharf.

Surfer Bird[ff]
Bird see, bird do.

SFO to LAX[fg]
A night flight from SFO to LAX.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse[fh]
A lighthouse.

Gray Whale Cove[fi]
The first stop on the road trip.

Sunset at Riksbron[fj]
A sunset seen from Riksbron.