Kista Runestone (U75, RAÄ Spånga 164:1)

Kista Runestone (U75, RAÄ Spånga 164:1)

Like Husby Rune Stone (U74, RAÄ Spånga 80:1), the U75 is another one of Vistäte's works. For completeness I wanted a photo of the runestone, even though it is placed between two roads and near what is currently a construction site.

My first attempt was at night. It failed, mostly due to there being loads and loads of cars parked around that I couldn't get out of the photo or place somewhere they wouldn't draw attention. I then had the bright idea to show up early in the morning and photograph the runestone, figuring that since the cars belonged to the people in the nearby houses, they would be driven away in the morning by people going to work. With no cars around, I could use the ultra wide lens and get a nice red sky in the photo.

Long story short - that didn't work out.

Although the odd car was driven away, it turns out that just as many more arrived. In the end, I waited for a bus to drive by and did a long exposure photo - I didn't get any sky-red in the background, but I got enough red to be able to declare victory and move on.

The text reads:

Sigviðr had this stone raised in memory of his father Egviðr/Hegviðr and his mother Holmfríðr, and Jôfurfríðr (also raised)?

U 75 - Visti[a]

2014-10-16 07:01

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