Eggeby Runestone (U69, RAÄ Spånga 153:1)
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Eggeby Runestone (U69, RAÄ Spånga 153:1)

The Eggeby runestone, U69, is probably the oldest runestone on Järvafältet. Dating runestones is difficult, and very much done based on stylistic elements in the carving[a]. The Eggeby stone, having the kind of simple style with no decorative elements known as RAK ("straight" in Swedish), would then be from the years 980-1015 CE. The Husby Rune Stone (U74, RAÄ Spånga 80:1), as comparison, has the style classification Pr3 ("Profile 3"), placing it in the timespan 1050-1080 CE.

Ragnelfr had this bridge made in memory of Ônundr, her good son. May God help his spirit and soul better than he deserved. No landmark will be more (great). The mother made in memory of her only son.

U 69 - Visti[b]

2014-10-10 23:31

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