Husby Rune Stone (U74, RAÄ Spånga 80:1)

Husby Rune Stone (U74, RAÄ Spånga 80:1)

When preparing the previous entry, about the stele by Husby Gård, I realized I hadn't published any photos of the nearby rune stone except for a close-up. Here it is: The Husby Rune Stone (Husbystenen), listed as U74 in Upplands Runinskrifter[a] (Rune Writings of Uppland), and as RAÄ Spånga 80:1 in the Swedish National Heritage Board's big database[b].

The top part of the stone was lost sometime between 1902 when it was last recorded and 1933, when a search for that portion of the stone turned up empty.[1] The text reads:

"Björn erected this stone after his brother (...) -sten. God and the mother of God help his spirit. Visäte carved."

The carver, Visäte[d], has made seven other rune stones that survive to this day. Over twenty other stones are attributed to him based on stylistic analysis.

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Husby, Husby Gård, Runestones

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Husby, Husby Gård, Runestones



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