Hägerstalund Runestone (U73, RAÄ Spånga 146:1(3))

Hägerstalund Runestone (U73, RAÄ Spånga 146:1(3))

U73, or Hägerstalundstenen, is one more of Visäte's stones in Norra Järva. Written sources note its existence in the late 17th century, but it is likely to have stood in the same place as it does now since the mid 11th century when it was carved. The road it stands next to was the old district road and was in use from prehistoric times until it was replaced by Norrviksvägen in the 20th century.

The stone details the transfer of property - most likely land around Hägerstalund where the stone stands - by inheritance from a woman named Inga, whose sons died in Greece and who thereby reacquired ownership of the property, to Inga's brothers.[1]

These landmarks are made in memory of Inga's sons. She came to inherit from them, but these brothers — Gerðarr and his brothers — came to inherit from her. They died in Greece.

U 73 - Visti[b]

U73 is related to U72[c], which is the continuation of the property ownership story, where Gerðarr and his brothers tell the story of how the property came into their ownership:

Gerðarr and Jôrundr have raised these stones in memory of their sister's sons Ernmundr and Ingimundr.

U 72 - Visti[d]

U72 was found near U73 in 1896 and was moved to Skansen[e], where it stands today.

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