K-samsök - a Very Cool Search Engine
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K-samsök - a Very Cool Search Engine

I had the idea to add images to Visti[a], and a quick Google later I ended up at K-samsök[b]. This is a very cool and very easy search API to cultural heritage from Swedish museums and other memory institutions! About one hour later I had an implementation for Visti - and most of that hour was spent getting the HTML flexbox layout right. See the results at U74 - Visti[c].

For those who intend to code against that API: Download the source code. The sample stylesheet/searchStyle.xsl will show you where in the returned document to get the basic information.

In addition to the institutional data in K-samsök, there's a User Generated Content Hub API at ugc.kulturarvsdata.se[d] that provides links to content submitted by users to Kringla[e].

The new thumbnail gallery, courtesy of K-samsök, showing DR 363[f]

2018-01-13, updated 2018-01-15