My Home, My Image by Saadia Hussain
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My Home, My Image by Saadia Hussain

The largest collective mural painting in Sweden, approximately 60 meters wide. Art direction by Saadia Hussain[a], who organized and coordinated approximately 300 participants within the framework of Förorten i Centrum[b]. The theme is stories about the area, as told by the locals.

Chalk one up to my inability to get things photographed before they disappear. I had walked past this mural many times, but not photographed it because I wanted to do a "proper" imaging of it. Well, before I got to doing that, part of it was painted over. The section above and below the rightmost set of windows is now a uniform white. I have no idea what caused this, and it is somewhat ironic that the mural survived the riots without a scratch, only to be damaged when everything is calm. (Update 2014-10-01: I've been told by Saadia that the mural will be repaired.)

Obviously, I'm one of those who don't learn from history - not even my own history of two years ago.

I decided to go for second best. I had some photos of the now-destroyed section and together with some new phots, I thought I could reconstruct the whole mural. I could, but just barely. The rightmost part of the section that was destroyed ended up with far too few pixels, and you can see that it has very bad resolution if you zoom in. It is, however, the best that I could do.

The plaque reads:

My Home, My Image


In total, about 240 children, young adults and adults have participated with their picture stories to this collective mural painting, created by, among others:

  • Residents of Järva

  • Pupils in the 4th grade - Husbygårdsskolan

  • Kista Kvinnokraft

  • Elever i Kista Folkhögskola

  • Reactor

  • Tjejforum

  • Youths from Hjällbo, Gothenburg

Art direction by Förorten i Centrum - collective mural art for social change

In cooperation with: Svenska Bostäder, Allmänna Arvsfonden, Hyresgästföreningen and Husby Träff

Yes, the plaque says about 240 participants and other material says about 300 - "close enough for government work", as we say.