I decided to fire up my old Random Walk project. Started back in May 2012, the goal was to visit every subway station in the Stockholm metro and photograph whatever was there. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for the project, I found The Little Jogging Track, and the project sort of floundered. I did some stations last summer, ending with Lötsjön and Hallonbergen, but let's just agree that it's not the most speedily progressing project I've been involved in.

So I pressed the button and it took me to Gubbängen. Just south of that is Hökarängen, which has an artificial hill - Hökarängstoppen. Just like Granholmstoppen and Frösundatoppen, its a pile of rock that was dug out of the ground to build the subway. Here's what a summer sunset looks like from there.

Kista Science Tower, 17.6 kilometers (10.9 miles) away.

2014-06-01 21:31

Hökarängstoppen, Stockholm Random Walk