Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Spring 2014

Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Spring 2014

This semester, like the previous two, I filmed the student shows at Layali Oriental Dance Academy[a]. As usual, it was great fun. Having optimized the video editing to a high degree, one of the greater creative challenges is really designing the cover artwork. Since it is a student show, I've tried to go for an "E Pluribus Unum" approach - art that shows that the show is made up of many, many performers, all bringing their part to make a successful whole.

Last semester I took the logo and used an adaptive quad-mesh to build it from frames taken from the video clips I had. I figured I'd have to top that somehow, and after thinking about it a couple of hours, I went to Pinterest and searched for "arabesque"[b]. That was the solution. Then I took some SVG generating code I had, added some code to apply bitmap fills to objects, and wrote some code to generate an arabesque of my own. Here is the result.

The best thing about procedural art is that you can render it at any resolution. So I set up a batch to render it in just about every resolution I could think of, using the Android SDK documentation, W3Schools browser screen size list and some other sizes I just threw in. If you want to download it - for desktop or cellphone background or for whatever reason - here are PNGs, sorted in descending order of pixel size:



2560 x 2560[c]

2560 x 1600[d]

1600 x 2560[e]

2560 x 1536[f]

1536 x 2560[g]

1920 x 1920[h]

2560 x 1440[i]

1440 x 2560[j]

2048 x 1536[k]

1536 x 2048[l]

1920 x 1200[m]

1200 x 1920[n]

1920 x 1152[o]

1152 x 1920[p]

1440 x 1440[q]

1920 x 1080[r]

1080 x 1920[s]

1536 x 1152[t]

1152 x 1536[u]

1680 x 1050[v]

1050 x 1680[w]

1280 x 1280[x]

1600 x 900[y]

900 x 1600[z]

1280 x 1024[aa]

1024 x 1280[ab]

1440 x 900[ac]

900 x 1440[ad]

1366 x 768[ae]

768 x 1366[af]

1024 x 1024[ag]

1360 x 768[ah]

768 x 1360[ai]

1280 x 800[aj]

800 x 1280[ak]

1280 x 768[al]

768 x 1280[am]

1280 x 720[an]

720 x 1280[ao]

1024 x 800[ap]

800 x 1024[aq]

1024 x 768[ar]

768 x 1024[as]

800 x 800[at]

1024 x 600[au]

600 x 1024[av]

960 x 640[aw]

640 x 960[ax]

720 x 720[ay]

960 x 540[az]

540 x 960[ba]

800 x 600[bb]

600 x 800[bc]

854 x 480[bd]

480 x 854[be]

800 x 480[bf]

480 x 800[bg]

600 x 600[bh]

800 x 400[bi]

400 x 800[bj]

640 x 480[bk]

480 x 640[bl]

480 x 480[bm]

480 x 320[bn]

320 x 480[bo]

432 x 240[bp]

240 x 432[bq]

400 x 240[br]

240 x 400[bs]

320 x 240[bt]

240 x 320[bu]