Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Autumn 2013

Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Autumn 2013

Since I mentioned my "E Pluribus Unum" approach to designing covers for Layali's student shows[a], I figure I should show the result.

The logo was converted to black and white (1 bit per pixel) with the logo being white and the background black, and then a square grid was overlaid on it.

  1. If the square was smaller than the minimum width, it would be textured if more than 50% filled, and left empty if not.

  2. If a square was more than 95% full of white, it was considered filled, and I textured it with a frame from the video.

  3. If a square was less than 5% full, it was considered empty and recursion stopped.

  4. Otherwise, the square was divided into four parts, and the process was repeated for each one of them.

As a side note, the number of filled squares is 242. The coincidence is not lost on me.