2018 Archive

2018 Archive


Bird Crib[a]
With this decoration, it's not a mere bird "box".

San Francisco Skyline[b]
A nice view of the city from the middle of the bay.

Nike Missile Site SF-88[c]
A former launch site for Nike Hercules missiles. The base is still fully functional, but the missiles are (of course) not.

Golden Gate Sunrises[d]
An advantage of jetlag is that if you nurse it properly you can get into the kind of crepuscular sleep cycle that result in colorful photos.

Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Autumn 2018[e]
Well, all those dance competitions aren't going to win themselves, are they? Pictures speak for themselves.


Fulufjället National Park[f]
A hike up to Sweden's tallest waterfall.

One Last Show of Color[g]
The trees make one last show of color before winter.

A three-story art exhibition in a soon-to-be demolished building.

Hafla Layali, October 2018[i]
A great lineup with at least one future first-prize winner!


KGB Prison Cells[j]
The tallest building in Tallinn - you can see Siberia from here.

A Colorful View from Granholmstoppen[k]
A view of Järvafältet in autumn colors.

End of Summer Light Show[l]
Summer is over and the days are getting darker - so Mother Nature turns on the light show!

Autumn in Hansta[m]
Hansta in autumn colors.

Sunrise Over Skeppsholmen[n]
The sunrise over Skeppsholmen, seen from Skeppsbron.


From the Tribal Community with Love[o]
A dance show with focus on American Tribal Style bellydance.

Sunrise at Norr Mälarstrand[p]
I pays to get up early. Sometimes.

Bigsh0t - frei0r Plugins for 360 Video[q]
Plugins for creating and editing 360 video suitable for Shotcut.


After a dry summer, the wildflowers have shot up with a vengeance and cover the previously dry fields.

Yamato - The Drummers of Japan[s]
A taiko-drum performance by Wadaiko Yamato.

Carl Schmeiss Postitar 44mm f/32[t]
With excellent 3d-pop and micro-contrast.


Lennart Hellsing's Grave[u]
Just outside the main entrance of St Clara Church is a small wooden cross without a name.

Mount Diablo Summit[v]
View from the top.

Rock City[w]
A natural playground.

Kings Canyon[x]
Driving down the canyon.

Giant Forest[y]
Seeing the woods for all the trees.

General Sherman Tree[z]
The world's biggest tree, by volume.

Sunset at Beetle Rock[aa]
Catching the sunset on the way back to the motel.

Morning at the Marina[ab]
My breakfast place.

Sunset in Contra Loma[ac]
A quick detour to see the sunset.

A View From the Pier[ad]
A view of Alcatraz and a container ship through fog.


How to Clean a Digital Camera Sensor[ae]
In nineteen easy swabs.

Blurred, Low-Resolution Previews[af]
Maybe you have a blazing fast Internet connection and have set the CSS transition delay to zero in a user stylesheet - but I've added a very, very low-resolution preview to all image tiles on these pages.

Sunset, Granholmstoppen[ag]
A panorama I shot almost a month ago.

Moonrise, Granholmstoppen II[ah]
Giving in to my obsessions again.

Sunset Near Rinkebyterassen[ai]
A dusty summer sunset on a road just below Rinkebyterassen.

Following up on the Vertical Cities of Simon Stålenhag.

Homey Bee[ak]
The bee-hotel Homey Bee - with living spaces, flowers and water all in one place - opens its doors!

Disabling MathJax Cookies[al]
How to disable the mjx.menu cookie (and maybe others).

Ney Springs and Faery Falls[am]
Visiting an abandoned hot springs resort and the nearby falls.

Cottonwood Creek at Louie's Place[an]
Catching up with the band again.

La Grange Rodeo[ao]
A detour.

Joshua Tree National Park[ap]
More than just a desert.

General George S. Patton Memorial Museum[aq]
Armor museum.

An Evening in Sedona[ar]
Almost twelve years since last.

Lower Antelope Canyon[as]
Lower Antelope Canyon is a place that is a textbook example of color science.

Horseshoe Bend[at]
The real-world Horseshoe Bend is but a projection of the platonic ideal of Horseshoe Bend, which exists on Instagram.

Navajo Power Plant[au]
A power station.

Monument Valley[av]
Driving through.

Natural Bridges[aw]
Sandstone bridges.

They're bigger than you think.

Canyonlands - Island in the Sky[ay]
Like grand canyon, but spread out over a larger area.

Sand Bench[az]
Looks like an alien landscape.

Zion Canyon[ba]
Amazing vertical walls.

Snow Canyon State Park[bb]
First stop in Utah.

Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Spring 2018[bc]
Another year, another show - and it's just getting better and better!


Kenko Automatic Extension Tube Set DG[bd]
A cheap and portable way to get macro shots.

Extension Tube Calculator[be]
A calculator for extension tubes, showing near and far focus distances, and the magnification at those for various sensors, lenses and tubes.

Zyka Yosakoi at the Day of the Cherry Blossoms 2018[bf]
A performance by Zyka Yosakoi.

East Meets West 2018[bg]
East Meets West 2018 by Malikas Dans och Show.

The Small Camels of Hansta[bh]
Lately there's been a scandal where a nature photographer used a stuffed anteater in a prize-winning photo. Here's a photo of one of the small camels of Hansta in a sea of wood anemones.

The Wood Anemones of Hansta[bi]
There are many places where the wood anemones bloom in large clusters during spring, but none where they cover the forest floor in such enormous amounts as in Hansta.


Hafla Layali, April 2018[bj]
A chance to congratulate the dancers on their latest victory, and a preview of what the student show will bring.


Full Moon Forest[bk]
The moon lights up the snow, and the street lights set the trees on fire.

The Cross at Akalla By[bl]
Just below the houses of Akalla By, there's a wooden cross.

Afternoon Tea at Husby Gård[bm]
A relaxing afternoon tea in a thousand-year-old cultural landscape. Last weekend every month.

A Cold Night[bn]
When the sky is as white as the ground.


Almost Super Moon 2018[bo]
Due to overcast weather I didn't get the super-blue-blood-moon at all; but... I almost got it!

Snow Motion[bp]
Snow falling in slow-motion is relaxing.

360 Video With Blender[bq]
The Ricoh Theta is a fun toy, but to really play with it you need to be able to edit the video you capture. Blender being my favorite tool for this, I decided to try to add some functions I thought were missing to it.

The Least Photographed Day[br]
Over the past 15 years I've only taken a total of 14 photos on February 10: It's the "least photographed day".

Using Google's Inception V3 net, modified for multiple labels, as an image recognition / classification system in IMatch.


The Industrial Landscape[bt]
The "industrial landscape" of Norrköping where the Motala river (Motala ström) was used to power mills and other industries.

Magnificent Desolation[bu]
Some overcast days are quite impressive. These two definitely made me appreciate them more.

A Glimpse of Winter[bv]
The temperature dropped to below freezing and we finally got some snow.

How to Prepare for the GDPR[bw]
Buy our stuff buy our stuff buy our stuff buy our stuff buy our stuff.

Cookie Consent[bx]
A bit of utility code.

Visti Spatial Search[by]
Great if you either want to find out more about the object in front of you, or want to find the nearest runestone.

Nynäs Palace[bz]
A palace with a fascinating little stream.

A Foggy City Morning[ca]
After the night out in the fog around Granholmstoppen, I set the alarm for "sunrise" and went out. I was not disappointed.

A Foggy Night Out[cb]
I hesitated a lot before going out with the camera, but finally reminded myself that I've never regretted doing so. Indeed, I was rewarded with a nice, thick fog covering all of Järvafältet.

Eager Beaver[cc]
A beaver has set up shop under the subway bridge. As a result, the water level of Igelbäcken is substantially lower to the south than to the north of the dam.

K-samsök - a Very Cool Search Engine[cd]
Adding image search to Visti.

The Barshäll spring, which probably was the reason why the Barshäll croft was situated where it was, has drinkable water.

Hägerstalund Runestone (U73, RAÄ Spånga 146:1(3))[cf]
One more of Visäte's stones in Norra Järva.

Visti on SSL[cg]
Enabling SSL for Visti.

Cheesecake Palace[ch]
Amazing brunch with tasty pancakes, croissants, yogurt, juice, fruits ...and of course cheesecake!