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Cookie Consent

While certain blue muppets[a] may find the idea of having to consent to cookies to be as absurd as having to consent to breathe, the EU's "cookie law"[b] is clear on the point that for some cookies, you must get at least implicit consent.

Unfortunately, the cookies for which you must get this consent include any cookie used by Google Analytics. (It is possible that this will change in 2018, but right now this is where we stand.) So I coded up a quick script that lets me show a consent notice at the top of the page for Monochrome and for Visti[c], and deployed it.

Then I realized I had to write a privacy policy where I listed all the cookies that the website used - and I figured that ripping out Google Analytics was a much easier operation.

Anyway, here is the code, in case you want something like what was on this blog for a couple of hours. Please note that the code comes with absolutely no warranties or guarantees of any kind. In particular, I don't promise that usage of this code will make you compliant with the law (or even that it will work at all) - use it if you think that the specified functionality is what you need: cookie-consent.js[d]

See JSDocs for cookie_consent[e] for an example where we only load Google Analytics if the user has at least given implicit consent by continued use of the website.