How to Prepare for the GDPR

How to Prepare for the GDPR

How to prepare for the GDPR[a]:

  1. Buy our seminar

  2. Buy our whole seminar series

  3. Buy our consulting services

  4. Buy our audit

  5. Buy our certification

  6. Buy our whitepaper

  7. Buy our software products

  8. Use our free online assessment, then 1-7. (And 8 again, there's no escape).

...but you'll just get exhausted. Instead:

  1. Realize that nobody knows how the regulations will be interpreted[1], that anyway you're dependent on your service providers to comply, and just go mañana like a right proper señor developer. Bigger fish will fry before you, and then you have case law.


2018-01-19, updated 2018-01-28