Lennart Hellsing's Grave

Lennart Hellsing's Grave

Just outside the main entrance of St Clara Church is a small wooden cross without a name, surrounded by a small ring of stones and flowers. It's the grave of Lennart Hellsing[a], a writer and translator who is perhaps most known for his children's books.

Among them Ägget[b] (The Egg), starring an egg that dreams about what great things it will achieve once it hatches - only to find that it remains unsatisfied: as soon as you become something you want to become something else - something better or something greater[*]. Finally, the bird lays an egg, hoping that it will fly higher and go further than it did - and then the story starts over.

Another book I remember is Den Underbara Pumpan[c] (The Wonderful Pumpkin), about two bears and a magic pumpkin that grows to be so enormous that the two bears start using it as a house. This book ends with the bears realizing that they don't exist: "Now we're air bears", said Big Bear. "Air bears", said Little Bear, "aren't those bears that don't exist?" "Of course", said Big Bear, "and we don't exist! This is just a fairy tale. Don't you know that?"

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