Horseshoe Bend
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Horseshoe Bend

This part of the Colorado River has been photographed so much that it exists more on Instagram than in the real world. In fact, the real-world Horseshoe Bend is but a projection of the platonic ideal of Horseshoe Bend, which exists on Instagram.

Either way, I went there because, well, yeah - I want a shot of it, too. Arriving at about 0430, I put on my headlamp and made my way to the viewpoint. A word of caution - the trail to the viewpoint has no railing and no warning as you reach the edge of the canyon. Unless you take care, you will step over the edge and experience Horseshoe Bend in a very physical and terminal manner.

The sunrise was so-so, with clouds covering the horizon and not much in the way of color. I was quite pleased with this photo, however, since it does have lots of color perhaps just because there was no sunlight. Or maybe I just wanted to go off and treat myself to a nice breakfast and thought "good enough".

2018-03-18 05:45

Horseshoe Bend, USA 2018-03