2015 Archive

2015 Archive


Excitedly Awaiting the New Year[a]
Camella is awaiting 2016! See you there!

Winter Sunset at the Allotments by Husby Gård[b]
It's a lot earlier than in the late summer.

First Snow at Husby Gård[c]
With the snow finally here, and the sun shining, I grabbed Camella and went to Husby Gård for some coffee and photos.

First Snow[d]
Well, nothing for Christmas this year, but better late than never!

An Afternoon in Strängnäs[e]
Waiting for the train back home.

The Regiment[f]
A visit to the old regiment where I did my military service - now being transformed into the Eldsundsviken borough of Strängnäs.

A nice walk by the water.

Strängnäs Cathedral[h]
Visiting the cathedral.

A visit to Sweden's museum of military vehicles.

Renovating Dalhagsskolan[j]
They are really thorough with this.

The Little House on the Little Island in Lötsjön[k]
The island is considered a built-up area.

Layali Dance Academy Student Show Autumn 2015[l]
Back after a year and a half - and things have only become better!

Danskollektivet Student Show Autumn 2015[m]

Sergels Torg Christmas Market[n]
This year's Christmas market.

N2 Nitrolabs[o]
Sweet stuff.

Candy Store[p]
Loads of sweets in a small volume.

A Koala Getting a Ride From a Camel[q]
They're buddies.

Katoomba Street Art Walk[r]
A painted street.

Fighter World[s]
A warbird museum.

Mount Sugarloaf Road[t]
Trying, and failing, to see the sunset from Mount Sugarloaf.

Surfer's Paradise[u]
Sun and beaches.

Dorrigo National Park[v]
A rainforest.

Koala Hospital[w]
A hospital where koalas can get koality care by koalafied professionals.

Blue Mountains[x]
An absolutely mindblowing scenic experience.

Kata Tjuta[y]
The other red rocks.

The red rock.

Circular Quay[aa]
The opera house, the bridge, and the amusement park.

Steven Hobby[ab]
A memorial.

Calamunnda Camel Farm[ac]
Riding a camel.

Sugarloaf Rock[ad]
A beautiful sunset.

Mammoth Cave[ae]
Going underground.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse[af]
The southwest corner of Australia.

A Walk Through Augusta[ag]
A walk by the river.

Wild Kangaroos[ah]
A group of wild kangaroos.

Bunker Bay[ai]
Enjoying the view.

Perth Sunset[aj]
A great view of Perth.

Wave Rock[ak]
A real snapshot.

Beer Can Tree[al]
I thought it was a sculpture.

Toodyay Cemetery[am]
On the way to Wave Rock.

The Pinnacles[an]
The remains of a petrified forest.

On the Road to the Pinnacles[ao]
Wandering dunes.

Supreme Court Gardens[ap]
Sculptures of pens.

The Bell Tower[aq]
A modern bell tower.

Perth Cultural Centre[ar]

Perth from Kings Park[as]
An overview of downtown Perth from Kings Park.

Jacob's Ladder[at]
About 43 meters.

Kings Park[au]
Visiting the big park in the city.

Rottnest Island[av]
Visiting the quokkas.

Arriving in Australia.

Cactus Garden at Singapore Airport[ax]
A brief stop after thirteen hours in the air.

Asian Market[ay]
A look into Asian Market.

Various Views Around Sergels Torg[az]
The odd photo.

Sergels Torg in the Abstract[ba]
The square, distilled.

Red Light[bb]
A red light shining from under the bridge.

Glass Sculpture[bc]
A glass sculpture seen in a store window.

Day of Ashura[bd]
A day of rememberance (ashura) for the third Shia Imam, Husayn ibn Ali.

Astrophotography With a Tracking Mount[be]
Further adventures in using a SynScan AZ mount, tilted to be equatorial, in getting good photos of night sky objects.

Early Morning Walkabout in Kista[bf]
I had to go on an errand to Kista, and figured I'd bring my camera with me.

That most common inner-city bird - the crane - seen in its natural habitat at night.

The Leaves are Falling at St. Clara[bh]
The leaves are falling at St. Clara Church.

Peace Bracelet[bi]
Found this one in the street.

Akalla Escalator[bj]
The escalator in Akalla metro station.

A Foggy Evening at Järvafältet[bk]
A walkabout in the fog.

Broken Glass[bl]
Close-up of a broken pane of glass.

Stockholm Sangeet Conference 2015[bm]
An open stage at Stallet in connection with Stockholm Sangeet Conference 2015

Tjurruset 2015[bn]
Watching people cross the finish line - exhausted, muddy, worn... but proud and happy!

Return to Masmo Mountain[bo]
Returning to the mountain at night.

A visit to BRD.

Masmo Mountain[bq]
Climbing up the big hill that dominates Masmo.

Interior of St. Clara Church[br]
Since you really can't hug it, I went in. This is the interior of the church. Still cozy. And beautiful.

The Autumn Coziness of St. Clara Church[bs]
It's that time of year again, when St. Clara Church becomes all covered in autumn colors, and you just think of it as a big fluffy huggable thing, sitting there in the warm sun.

A Starry, Moonlit, Cloudy Night...[bt]
An attempt at escaping light pollution.

Cousin David's Honey[bu]
A jar of home-made honey. David knows I got a sweet tooth.

Night at Riddarholmen[bv]
Trying to photograph the stars from the center of Stockholm - and it worked better than expected!

A Nightly Walk Around The Old Town[bw]
A night-time walk that took a bit longer than expected thanks to all the long exposures. But the results were worth it.

The Rotunda at Stockholm Public Library[bx]
View of the big round rotunda in Stockholm Public Library.

Täby 425:1 Bunker[by]
A bunker from the start of the 20th century that used to be part of the "Northern Front" of Stockholm's fixed defenses.

Fresh Mint Tea[bz]
The way it's supposed to taste.

A walk around Edsberg, at the northern end of Edsviken.

Kulturnatten 2015[cb]
Performances at Kulturnatten 2015.

Artwork at Kista Bus Terminal[cc]
Glowing blobs light up the night in the bus terminal.

Street Art Near Husby Gård[cd]
Some street art.

Bigger Than You Think by Ailin Moaf Mirlashari[ce]
A collective mural painting under the leadership of Ailin Moaf Mirlashari and Förorten i Centrum.

An evening at the western end of Kungsholmen.

The Heaven of Cube[cg]
A surreal metro station with artwork by Takashi Naraha.

Kulturhuset Entrance Light[ch]
A light bulb over the entrance to Kulturhuset, reflected in the red ceiling.


Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio by Image Stacking[ci]
An experiment to find out how the signal-to-noise ratio changes with increasing number of stacked images.

You Don't Need It[cj]
Watching Go evolve - either into a mature language, or into the next Pascal.

Unsocial Media[ck]
We're done playing with it.

Thread Pools in Google App Engine[cl]
Implementing a thread pool in the special threading rules that apply in Google App Engine.


Husby in the 70's[cm]
A trip 40 years back in time to find out what a fountain looked like.

Broken Flower[cn]
Remains of a flower.

A Tour Up Through Åhléns[co]
Walking around in a department store.

Stores at Night[cp]
Eerily abandoned...

A lamp looking like some underwater creature.

Haymarket 5[cr]
The fifth of the Haymarket houses.

Visiting these two merged suburbs at the end of the red line.

Ljunglöfska Slottet[ct]
Freemasons and all...

Göta Landsväg[cu]
Another highway to nowhere.

Observatorielunden in Purple[cv]
Trying out something new in nighttime photography.

New Odenplan Subway Station[cw]
The ceiling of the new entrance to the subway station.

Gustaf Vasa Church at Night[cx]
The church seen at night.

Barbed Wire Tunnel[cy]
A subway train seen through a tunnel of barbed wire.

A Flower by Drottningholmsvägen[cz]
A flower lit up by the traffic on Drottningholmsvägen.

Lillsjön Allotments[da]
Allotments at night.

Watching airplanes fly in to land at Bromma.

Brightly Colored Lights at Mälarpaviljongen[dc]
Brightly colored lights hung over Mälarpaviljongen.

Submerged Trees[dd]
Trees in the water.

Unknown Sculpture, Sandsborgsvägen[de]
An unknown sculpture.


The Globe and Tele 2 Arena[dg]
A lot of arenas.

Skärmarbrink Subway Station[dh]
A subway station at night.

Amplify the Sky[di]
How to edit out the atmosphere when taking photos of the starry sky.


Nikon D3200 Dark Frame Noise[dj]
How to get rid of the red noise at the edges of photos during long exposures.

Nikon D3200 Long Exposure Noise[dk]
I often photograph starry skies, and while doing very long exposures - over the 30 second limit of the Nikon D3200 - I noticed that there would be a reddish noise along the edges of the image. This is an attempt at understanding that noise.

GamerGate and Nazism[dl]
Those who align themselves with the GamerGate movement should ask themselves how their movement act. They should also ask themselves what company they keep.

Infinite Moves Fire Dance[dm]
Infinite Moves performs a fire dance at the after-show picnic for Tribal Night Stockholm.

Tribal Night Stockholm - The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship[dn]
A dance show with focus on tribal and fusion style bellydancers.

Västerbron Sunset[do]
View of Västerbron just after sunset.

The Legacy of GamerGate[dp]
"Why do we need diversity in tech? Because of GamerGate. Why do need to fix online harassment? Because of GamerGate. Why is feminism so important? Because: GamerGate."

Tribe Nenuphar's ATS-Picnic, August 2015[dq]
I wanted to try out the Stabilizer for Less, and what better opportunity to do so than by filming a lot of dance?

Strömparterren at Night[dr]
A view towards the water from Strömparterren at night.

Deepa Nair Rasiya[ds]
Deepa Nair Rasiya performs at the Stockholm Culture Festival.

The "Dominoes" kinetic sculpture by the Station House Opera.

Caravan of Life[du]
Caravan of Life performs at Stockholm Culture Festival.

Kulturskolan at Stockholm Culture Festival[dv]
Kulturskolan shows some Indian dance at Stockholm Culture Festival.

Best of Sweden[dw]
The "Best of Sweden" tour plays at the Stockholm Culture Festival 2015 at Gustav Adolfs Torg.

Kolingsborg Street Art[dx]
Kolingsborg, a part of Slussen, has been covered in graffiti. And surrounded by a fence. That you can't see through in some places.

The Swedish Mounted Band of the Royal Lifeguards[dy]
Off the mounts, but in concert.

Bees and Bumblebees at Strömparterren[dz]
The honey production is in full swing!

Plattan Pröjs - Trix for Fix[ea]
A "real street competition" at Sergels Torg. Helmets optional, bruises mandatory.

Kaknäs Pride 2015[eb]
The Kaknäs Tower decked out in Pride colors.

Blue Moon Over Gröna Lund[ec]
The "blue" super moon seen rising behind Gröna Lund amusement park.


Further Adventures of a Small Camel in a Big World[ed]
...in which Camella enjoys flowers and cozies up in slippers.

The Battle of Stäket at HAMN Museum[ee]
Even the past used to be better.

Noctilucent Clouds Over Akalla Industrial Zone[ef]
Noctilucent clouds, again. Once you start to look for them you see them a lot.

The Quietest Place[eg]
The quietest place in Sollentuna's nature preserves.

The Flora of Ljusterö[eh]
An excursion with my macro lens.

A view of the city from Henriksdalsberget.

A Midsummer Night in Our Central Park[ej]
Not quite the shortest night, but almost.


Brunnsviken Marina[ek]
Biked past this on my way back home from photographing the noctilucent clouds.

Noctilucent Clouds at the Bergius Botanic Garden[el]
Noctilucent clouds appearing in the sky.

Pluto Time at the Bergius Botanic Garden[em]
Biking to the Bergius Botanic Garden, getting there right about "Pluto time".

The Japanese Pond at the Bergius Botanic Garden[en]
A Japanese garden in the botanic garden. Unfortunately with lots of algae.

The View From Gullmarsplan[eo]
Gullmarsplan is mostly buses, subways and trams - but a little bit outside of the commuter interchange there are some lovely views.

Freeway to Nowhere[ep]
The remains of the Årstalänken freeway, now replaced by Södra länken.

Turtles All The Way Down by Brain Control[eq]
Not just a nice concept with beautiful execution, you'll also learn a lot about how 64k demos are made if you are so inclined.


The problem with an exclusive focus on competence.


A New Perspective on Cherry Blossoms[es]
An attempt at presenting the year's cherry blossoms in a new way.

A big metal spider sculpture made by Louise Bourgeois, coming to Stockholm along with the exibition "I've Been to Hell and Back".

Kista Tower Reflected in Kista Science Tower[eu]
One tower reflected in another.

Early Spring by Igelbäcken[ev]
An evening in early spring by Igelbäcken where it passes by Ärvinge.

Ziphead by CNCD and Fairlight[ew]
Starts off poorly, but really takes off after the one minute mark.

Colomba di Pasqua[ex]
Close-up of a little plastic mask that came with this traditional Italian Easter cake.

Offscreen Colonies by Conspiracy[ey]
Amazingly clean abstract-future 64kb demo from Conspiracy.

On by Mercury[ez]
Revision 2015 happened. Youtube recommended. I watched. This one of two demos that caught my eye.

IMatch and Metadata[fa]
Why I wrote the previous entry, and a critique of IMatch's metadata handling.

Extending IMatch and ExifTool[fb]
How to extend IMatch with custom XMP tags.

The Secret to (Business) Success[fc]
In 71 words.

Hyper Photo Realism[fd]
Photorealism deals with reality, but art is at most curated reality. When photographing a sunset, the photo won't say "sunset" unless it is made to say that. Photorealistic rendering techniques can make the image say what we want it to say without making it cartoonish.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto[fe]
An almost forgotten game that pioneered many developments in games. A large part mesmerizing beauty with an undercurrent of existential dread of your own insignificance, the world of Giants was the single thing that had the greatest artistic influence on me.


Coronoid by Still[ff]
A worthy winner of NVScene 2015.

Chandelier Street Lights[fg]
A bit more... refined... street lights.

A view of Stocksundet from the bridge at night.

Wall Clock[fi]
A wall clock.

Partial Partial Eclipse[fj]
A partial eclipse, partially seen behind the clouds.

Skarpnäck and Flaten[fk]
A visit to the newest subway station.

Duo Gagge-Wada at Huvudsta Gamla Slott[fl]
A concert with Klas Gagge on cello and Kiyo Wada on piano.

Traneberg Bridge[fm]
The bridge seen at night.

Parvaz at Eldfesten / Chaharshanbe Suri 2015[fn]
I was not able to enjoy the whole of this year's chaharshanbe suri, but I managed to see one of Parvaz's two performances.

An Organist's Grave[fo]
The grave of Per Thunarf, organist of St Clara Church, March 15, 1941 - September 26, 2014.

Northern Lights[fp]
Northern lights over Husby, Kista and Akalla, seen from Granholmstoppen.

ATS at Missionskyrkan[fq]
ATS Bellydance with Berenike Ström and Anne Leppänen. Organised by Sensus and part of the celebration of the International Women's Day 2015 in Uppsala.

Save the World and Lose Yourself[fr]
Games have fostered a destructive culture of entitlement by making their main promise the delivery of repeated ego boosts and the indulging of the player in a power fantasy.

Husby Gård Outdoor Art[fs]
Statues outdoors in a stone garden next to Husby Gård.

Welcome Candles at Schweizerkonditoriet[ft]
Welcoming candles outside the Swiss Pastry Shop in Stockholm's Old Town.

Abstract Hallunda[fu]
Abstract photos from Hallunda - site of Riksteatern.

If the Water Will Not Come To the Tree...[fv]
...then the tree will come to the water.

First Cherry Blossoms of 2015[fw]
The first cherry blossoms of the year.

Signs of spring!

Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS[fy]
A sharp and good lens at a nice price that offers incremental improvements over the kit lens covering the same zoom range. Its usefulness depends heavily on whether those incremental improvements match your needs.

Not a Shield[fz]
#NotYourShield is irrelevant. All movements love those who agree and submit. #GamerGate hates (1) women who (2) refuse to get in line.


Jeb, Bill, Bob... and Val[ga]
What is more fun than to build your own rocket, crew it with a trio of little green men, and launch it into outer space? Having the choice to crew it with little green women as well.

Under the Surface[gb]
...I'm a submarine, I guess?

Refuel the Hump[gc]
It's Fat Tuesday, and somebody wants to fill up the hump!

Tawi Hassain Stellarium Landscape[gd]
A desert Stellarium landscape.

Camella the Other[ge]
I thought her name was Camelia!

Godspeed, KistaChic! Kista will never be the same without you blogging about it.

Better Than Hate[gg]
Happy Valentine's Day!

"Hate destroys the very structure of the personality of the hater."


Beta by Still[gi]
A wonderful interpretation of the works of Victor Vasarely done by the demo group Still.

För islams (och vår) skull bör vi koppla ihop islam och terrorism[gj]
Det är dags att sluta med "inte alla muslimer". På samma sätt som feminismen i sin analys av manligheten har kopplat ihop dess ideal med dess mörkare sidor, och den postkoloniala analysen visade att Europas självpåtagna civilisationsbärande kom med ett ofattbart kolonialt förtryck, borde vi analysera islam och dess koppling till den terrorism som sker i dess namn. Inte för att vi har så mycket att välja på: denna koppling redan gjorts tack vare extremister på båda sidor.

Bigshot VR Video[gk]
Implementing animated textures in the VR panorama renderer, or in layman's terms: 360 degree video.

A Snowy Evening[gl]
After finishing the "Winter Camel" shots, I went for a walk.

Happy Foggy New Year![gm]
The new year's fireworks didn't quite work out as grand as planned...

Morning Painting Session[gn]
An early morning session of painting.

Charlie Hebdo[go]
Islamistisk terror förhåller sig till islam som högerextrem terror till svensk nationalism. Ingen är sprungen ur intet, båda kräver djupa och svåra reformer.

Velbon Ultra Maxi L Leg Repair[gp]
Repairing joint failure by transplanting a leg from one tripod to another.

Ett Slut På Medlidandet[gq]
Inrikes och inom EU är alla överens om migration som en rätt och en förutsättning för välstånd - men när det gäller migrationspolitik sitter vi fortfarande fast i tanken att alla hör hemma i sitt land och att det krävs särskilda skäl för att denne ska få flytta.