GamerGate and Nazism

GamerGate and Nazism

Those who align themselves with the GamerGate movement should ask themselves how their movement act. They should also ask themselves what company they keep.

I'll let Andrew "weev" Auernheimer - hacker, troll and jew-hating white supremacist[a] with American History X-style giant swastika tattoo[b] - explain:

[GamerGate] is by far the single biggest siren bringing people into the folds of white nationalism. More people have been converted in the past year by things like images of Anita Sarkeesian being rendered as a happy merchant than were in the three before it.

Andrew Auernheimer[c]

If you find yourself aligned with a movement that either consists of nazis, or that brings people into nazism - you should really ask yourself if that's where you want to be.