2016 Archive

2016 Archive


Stockholm Korean Culture Festival 2016[a]
Lots of K-Pop dance.

Various Photos from Norr Mälarstrand[b]
The nearest thing to a beach walk we have around here.

A Ride Around Brunnsviken[c]
Biking around.

Stockholm Pride 2016[d]
Lots of color and dance!

Late Summer Evenings at Järvafältet[e]

Return to Vikingaberget[f]
It ends where it begins.

Watching Paint Dry[g]
It's not very action-packed, but kind of fascinating when seen through a close up lens.

Sunset Over Stureby[h]
One of the few remaining places in my random walk of Stockholm.


An open-air street art exhibition and music café.

Hässelby Palace[j]
Or, Hesselby Slott, as it may be known.

A Walk Along the Water[k]
A walk along the water.

The ABC City[l]
The first attempt at creating a multi-downtown city.

Råcksta Cemetery[m]

Old Town Lighting[n]
Some cool light effects in the old town.

Boats at Långholmen[o]
Boats in the night.

A Climb Up Nybohovsberget[p]
Found a stream, followed it to its source, and it turns out to be... tap water.

Out of the Blue[q]
View from the "blue hill" near Solna Centrum.

A Summer Night at Stadshuskajen[r]

July 4th, 2016[s]
4th of July celebrations in Sweden.

USS Mount Whitney[t]
18,400 awesome tons of peace-making freedom-loving war machine!


Midsummer Moon[u]
A red midsummer moon.

The Least Used Subway Stop[v]
According to statistics, Johannelund is the least-used subway station in Stockholm.

Surfin' Bird[w]
Bird is the word.

Summer Sunset at Hammarbybacken[x]
A hazy sunset seen from the top of Hammarby hill.

Beautiful Weather[y]
The weather is beautiful, even if it isn't beautiful weather.

Thrust Reversers in Action[z]
Thurst reversers kicking up water.

The Moon at Midnight over Canada[aa]
Going back to Amsterdam from San Francisco, we flew enough north to experience the midnight sun.

Red Balloon[ab]
Somebody lost a red helium balloon in the subway station.

"Will you bring a camera?" Don't I always? The first time I've shot a baptism.

Leyla Arabia, June 2016[ad]
A repeat of the previous show by Danskollektivet.

Mörby Centrum[ae]
A walk around the golf course near Mörby Centrum.

The Gardens of Åkeshov[af]
Going west from Brommaplan, I ended up in Åkeshov.

I didn't really expect to find anything here, but as always - there's always something.

Sunset at Brunnsviken[ah]
A sunset seen from the south end of Brunnsviken.

Krutbanan Revisited[ai]
With the construction of a new suburb in Ursvik, the old military site is now slowly being dismantled.

Södermalmstorg by Sunset[aj]
A view of Södermalmstorg at a colorful sunset.

Sunset Over Skeppsbron[ak]
A fiery sky seen over the rooftops of Skeppsbron.

Katarina Kyrka[al]
An evening at Saint Catherine's Church.

A giant arc of a building.

Quality Hotel Friends[an]
A futuristic hotel with a raster-pattern facade.

The Elms Set Seed[ao]
Sveavägen's elms set seed.

Välkommen till Fittja by Saadia Hussain[ap]
A collaborative work of art.

Seeds about to fly.

The Linden Cathedral[ar]
There's always more to see.

When I first saw the little balls I didn't know what it was. My Facebook friends came to the rescue, though.

Evening Walks Around Järvafältet[at]
We've been blessed with a number of wonderful Golden Hours.

Defocused View from S:t Eriksbron[au]
A view of the railroad north from the Saint Eric bridge.

A little walkabout through Bandhagen in the evening.

Better Bag for Bike and Bokeh[aw]
Making a better bag for carrying the camera and the camel with me when biking.

Standing Waves[ax]
Long-exposure photos of the water going under Riksbron, showing the standing waves in the water.


The Color Run - Stockholm 2016[ay]
The photo opportunities are good, but that color? Mortal enemy of cameras.

All Around Riddarfjärden[az]
A walk around Riddarfjärden.

Mall of Scandinavia[ba]
Viewing the mall in abstract.

Walkabouts in Northern Järva[bb]
Just walking about.

Burnt Down Garage[bc]
Apparently the levels of anti-social behavior is back up. This is a burnt down garage in Kista.

Danskollektivet Student Show Spring 2016[bd]
Another semester, another show.

Umami - 5th Taste of Art[be]
This is a newly-opened cultural space in Hallonbergen.

Circle Tribe Performs in the Eurovision Village[bf]
Circle Tribe is a dance ensemble I first saw in Danskarusellen.

Wood Anemones[bg]
One of the sure signs of spring are clusters of deep green and bright white that pup up over the brownish grass of yesteryear.

In Kista, down by Igelbäcken, twelve cherry trees stand in a semicircle around a memorial stone.

Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Spring 2016[bi]
Another year, another show - but better!

Bagdad Cafe in the Morning[bj]
Morning in the cafe.

Haymarket House Reflection[bk]
One house reflected in another.

Spring in Full Swing[bl]
Everything awakens.

Yes, But My Readers Are Better[bm]

Zyka Yosakoi at the International Dance Day[bn]
They used to be quite the odd one out - and they still are.

Some Monochrome Photos[bo]
Walking around Östermalm.

Brunkeberg Tunnel[bp]
The northern half of Stockholm is geographically dominated by the Brunkeberg ridge that goes in a north-south direction. Over the centuries it has been excavated for building materials or simply removed. However, back in 1884 it was thought that a tunnel through it would be economically feasible.

The military academy at night.

An Evening Walkabout[br]
Some random photos from an evening walk.

Stockholm South - Hammarby Harbor - Stadsgården Railway[bs]
An abandoned railway.


The Water Lily Pond[bu]
The pond that the subway station and neighborhood was named after.

The Golden Energy Dome of Husby[bv]
This is apparently an "Energy Dome", where you can see how much energy is consumed by the buildings surrounding it.

A Rainy Day Walk Across Järvafältet[bw]
This spring was unusually wet and cold. Fortunately, rain doesn't mean that there is a lack of beautiful things in nature.

The Great Church of Stockholm.

Deutsche Kirche during Kulturnatt Stockholm[by]
More of Kulturnatt Stockholm - this time a different view of the German Church in the Old Town.

Zyka Yosakoi at Kulturnatt Stockholm[bz]
Zyka Yosakoi performs as part of Kulturnatt Stockholm.

A Cold Spring in Tyresta[ca]
It's cold and wet, but nice anyway.

Truths in Stone[cb]
Nice notes.

My Friends and Family Keep Me Going[cc]
With fuel like this.

Kista Torn in the Abstract[cd]

Spånga Church[ce]
One of the oldest buildings in Stockholm.

Granby Gård[cf]
One of the old farms.

Ärvinge Gård[cg]
The remains of the farm.

Aronsberg Mosaic Cemetery[ch]
The first Jewish cemetery in Sweden.

Strandvägen, one of the poshest places in Stockholm. Construction started in 1862 and was completed by the World Exhibition in 1897.

The Inhabitants of My Home[cj]
Never quite looked at them like this.

And Have You Then There[ck]
...this cherry blossom.

Spring is Coming to Järvafältet[cl]
We're seeing some green!

Cherry Bud[cm]
The cherry trees are late to bloom this year.

Not much here, really.

Monteliusvägen Revisited[co]
It was a while since I was here, but the view is still as good.

Skinnarviksberget Revisited[cp]
It was a while since last.

There are still some old houses left in the center of Stockholm, and they stand out among the more modern buildings.

In the Footsteps of Vampires[cr]
Following "Let the Right One In".

Västerbron in Blue[cs]
Looks like Pac Man might cross Västerbron any time.

A Farewell to Slussen[ct]
It's time to part ways.

View of the old posh place to live in Stockholm.

The Blue Hour Around Kungsträdgården[cv]
The blue hour.

Hammarby lock, connecting the Baltic Sea with Lake Mälaren.

Trädgård på Spåret[cx]
Urban gardening in Stockholm.

Swedish Vertical Datum[cy]
The old vertical datum for Sweden.

There's stuff to see here.

The Doors to the Swedish National Bank[da]
They look fairly armored.

Liljevalchs Spring Salon 2016[db]
The art was nice, but the real attraction here was the view from Gallerian's rooftop.

Kulturhuset is Watching You[dc]
It's always watching...

A cafe in Alfred Nobel's old factory. I don't know if anyone has figured out the bang-for-buck ratio here...

Alfred Nobel's Blast Pits[de]
Things go boom.

Aspudden Subway Station[df]
I used to live here.

Early Spring in Ljusterö[dg]
Spring is coming!


Easter Camel[dh]
Small camel, big holiday.


Early Spring at Järvafältet[di]
It's still brown, not green, but spring is coming!

Nice public artwork.

Finally I get there, five and a half years late.

1053 Days[dl]
It took some time to get it, but finally, it's there.

Ropsten, meaning "Hailing Rock", got its name from the fact that there used to be a ferry service across the water to Lidingö, and people would stand by a large rock and call across the water for a ferry.

Bromma Church[dn]
One of the oldest buildings in Stockholm. Parts of this so-called round church were built in the later 12th century, then as a fortress church.

A subway station, a castle, and an arboretum.

Hägersten Harbor[dp]
An almost abandoned marina.

Foggy Haymarket Houses[dq]
The haymarket houses seen through fog in the evening.

Moments in Movement by Maria Miesenberger[dr]
Aluminum sculpture at Enskede Gård metro station.

Enskedeparkens Bageri[ds]
A nice little café in a very tiny cottage.

The Road by Aleksander Wolodarski and Gabriel Herdevall[dt]
A memorial to the Jews who died in the Holocaust.

Djurgårdsbrunnsviken at Night[du]
A view across Djurgårdsbrunnsviken at night.

Notes on Data Recovery[dv]
Sometimes bad things happen to your data. Maybe you accidentally format a memory card, or a hard disk crashes. Time for data recovery.


An old photo from 2013 that I took while checking out the nature preserve next to Bagarmossen.

The place where much of Swedish film was produced in the early 1900's. Now a residential area with blocks being named after well-known cinemas.

"Protest" (1986) by Torsten Fridh. A monument to the site of Labor Day demonstrations 1890-1965. Situated in the eastern part of Östermalm, it is a poignant reminder of the gentrification of this part of the city.

Eight Flowers[dz]
The kitchen orchid is in full bloom again, this time with eight flowers!

Hornsbergs Strand[ea]
A new development in the northwest corner of Kungsholmen.

Pampas Marina[eb]
Houses, boats and house boats.

Västra Skogen[ec]
One of the oddest subway entrances in the Stockholm subway system.

For a Few Shutter Actuations More[ed]
My Nikon D3200 finally reached the same number of shutter actuations as my old D40 did before I gave it away.

The Littlest Jogging Track[ee]
A year and a half since I last wrote about it, and three and a half years since I rediscovered it, it seems like what's left will be left.

Leyla Arabia[ef]
A dance show organized by Danskollektivet.

To London and Back[eg]
Going to London and going back.

Black Ice[eh]
Ice on black water.

Photogenic Flowers[ei]
With such a name, you're basically asking to be photographed...

Rag and Bone / Homeless Fox[ej]
Part of Laura Ford's sculpture suite "Rag and Bone".

An Ode to a High School[ek]
It's sad to see your old high school fall so far that it has to be shut down.

Rooftops of the Old Town[el]
A view over the rooftops of the Old Town of Stockholm during a foggy, snowy, winter day.

Murder of a Fifteen-Year-Old[em]
Memorial to Robin, 15, who was murdered by an unknown person. His older brother was severely injured.

Christmas Lights in Akalla[en]
Lights and frost.

Nils Ferlin[eo]
A statue over a poet.

Christmas and Street Art in the City[ep]
Lights and knitting.

Red Sunset Pillar[eq]
A nice atmospheric effect.


Chandeliers at Berns[er]
Really massive chandeliers combined with nice lighting make for a photographic opportunity.

Ice on the window.

Street Calligraphy[et]
Finally some graffiti that I can read.

A wonderful Ethiopian restarant opens!

Husby Christmas Trees[ev]
Christmas trees in the courtyards.

Bleeding Black Heart[ew]
A piece of street art.

Royal Institute of Technology[ex]
My university.

A source of water, containing a massive reservoir and an old well with healing powers.

Four Dogs and a Cat That Got Away[ez]
Sculptures by Sonja Pettersson in Husby.

Slow-motion Fireworks[fa]
Celebrating the start of a new year with fireworks!