Better Bag for Bike and Bokeh
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Better Bag for Bike and Bokeh

I have had some great success by optimizing my camera kit for biking. Since I've noticed that I get more "keepers" the more I move about, taking the camera with me while biking is probably the easiest way to ensure a number of photos end up the way I like them.

But having a backpack - even a really good one like the Kata 3N1-20 that I use - while biking isn't as comfortable as it should be, so I set out to find ways to strap the backpack to the bicycle. While possible, that didn't seem very optimal. The backpack had to be tied down and I didn't quite trust it to not fall off. But I also didn't feel like paying a couple of hundred dollars for a bag.

Then I saw the Asaklitt 31-5315[a]. $30. Deal. Done.

The tripod went strapped on top of it. Throw in a little foam, adhesive velcro strips, and dividers, and I had a versatile system where I could either carry a camera and three lenses; or the camera and a lens with space for other items.

Like a little camel.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Camella, Kymlinge

2016-06-17, updated 2016-06-18