1053 Days

1053 Days

This entry is not so much about this year's Chaharshanbe Suri celebration in Kungsträdgården as it is a follow-up to my three year old entry about A Day for Minorities.

The short clip I filmed with Parvaz[a] dancing took off like wildfire on the Balochi part of the internet. The number of views, which for my videos usually end up around a hundred, shot up into the thousands and then the tens of thousands. Amazingly enough, even after three years I get questions about the clip - most of them being "where can we see the rest of the dance"? Sadly, the clip is all there is. I switched from filming to taking still photos and since I only had one camera that by definition meant that I wasn't getting anything recorded.

When another query dropped into my inbox a couple of weeks ago I told Parvaz that I was still getting inquiries and if they ever thought about some kind of Greatest Hits performance, I would recommend them to include this one. After all, if it can still make the rounds after close to three years, that would indeed be a textbook Great Hit.

Weeks pass and Parvaz release their schedule for the Chaharshanbe Suri celebration[b], with a "Balochi-inspired dance" to take place at 20:37.

Can't miss that, can I? That would be 1053 days, but then the circle would be closed and the world put right again. The crowd was packed, and some people didn't understand the whole "no pushing" bit about standing concerts, so the footage was very shaky - but, without further ado:

...and some other photos from the performances.