Enskedeparkens Bageri

Enskedeparkens Bageri

The Bakery of Enskede Park is is a nice little café housed in a very tiny cottage.

Enskedeparkens Bageri

Enskedeparkens Bageri

Enskede gårdsväg 3-5
120 47 Enskede Gård


A nice little café in a very tiny cottage. (4/5)

While it certainly makes it cozy, when they won the Gold Dragon for best café in Stockholm[a], the popularity must have gone through the roof. Suddenly the coziness was no longer about the ambience, but rather about whether you could accept getting cozy with the three or four people attempting to occupy the same location in space as you.

In short: It was pretty cramped when I visited. Which was quite a downer, because they got many other things very right - the service was good, the coffee was good, the semla[b] I has was good. On top of this, there was enough of the ambience remaining that you could enjoy it - albeit with some willpower.

It is the curse of the small restaurant and café to "make it big" in an instant. Suddenly, they get all the customers they could ever have wanted, but in a manner more like trying to drink from a fire hose. The quality of the experience drops through the floor, and soon they are back where they started - perhaps with some alienated regulars on top of it all.

But Enskedeparkens Bageri has an advantage - there is nice outdoor seating available for them to expand into. Or will be, as soon as the weather improves. With nice allotments right next to them, the café will probably be a vastly much better experience come spring or summer.